I love video game music. With this, I'm starting a new series of blogs focusing on the best soundtracks of video games, both old and new.

Now this isn't going to be like other music blogs where the writer just posts music he likes, or focuses on one soundtrack per blog. This blog will have plenty of songs for your ears, and may even lead you to some good music you would have otherwise never heard.  

With that said; On with the show!

Warning: Songs with * In front of and behind the title mean there will be spoilers. If you haven't played the game and you mean to, do NOT listen to the song or read the blurb. Trust me.

DuckTales - NES

Ah, the Moon theme. If you don't want this song in your head, avert your eyes and ears now. This is probably one of the catchiest (and not to mention peppiest) songs in a video game. The strange thing though, is that it's just a level tune! I've never heard the ending theme for DuckTales (and can't find it on Youtube... perhaps there isn't one...) but I'm positive it wouldn't be better than this.

With other awesome songs like the Amazon level theme, this is an amazing 8-bit soundtrack.

Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - NES

Now this song is just plain awesome. Though I've never actually played Castlevania II, I can tell that listening to this song would get me pumped enough to put Dracula back together to then kill him again.

*The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Wii/Gamecube*

Considering my stance on the Zelda series, you knew this was coming. Midna's Lament is just one of the many awesome songs in Twilight Princess. This one is probably the most powerful of the songs though, considering that you're trying to find a dying Midna help. It's possibly the best song in the entire series, to be honest, though I could be pushing it...

Another amazing song in Twilight Princess is the Sacred Grove music.

It really shows the creepiness of the Sacred Grove, and really adds to the tension of finding the Skull Kid. (I hate you Skull Kid...)

Mega Man 2 - NES

This intro alone makes this soundtrack awesome. At first, it's nice and slow, telling the story of how Mega Man was created to stop Wily. Once it starts panning up however, the song gets more fast paced. After it hits the 0.44, it gets real.

With other catchy songs like Air Man's stage music, this is yet another awesome soundtrack made by Capcom. Can they make bad music?!

Speaking of Mega Man...


Have you heard of this guy? Most of his Youtube videos consist of him adding lyrics to old 8-bit themes. Be warned though, I can guarantee you won't be able to hear the normal music once you hear his catchy lyrics.