Have you ever wondered about games you didn't know about? Perhaps you're missing out on an amazing game, yet you've never even heard of it. This is what I thought when I heard of Dream Mix TV World Fighters.

I was listening to IGN's Gamescoop podcast, when a reader wrote in asking what the editor's favorite guilty pleasure games were. The reader then said something along the lines of, "My favorite is with-a-doubt Dream Mix TV Superstars. The gameplay isn't great, but there's an amazing amount of novelty seeing Solid Snake fight Optimus Prime.

The editor's then responded with, "This sounds like the most amazing game ever!" Being curious, I searched for this game on their website, coming up with this page: http://ps2.ign.com/objects/606/606419.html

Take a look at this box art. You can see Bomberman, Optimus Prime, and what looks like the kid from Digimon  all in one picture. Take a look at the top of the box, below the PlayStation 2 logo. It's licensed by Konami, Takara, and Hudson. This is the game's summary:

Four-player brawler from Hudson. By combining licenses from Hudson, Konami, Takara and Red Entertainment, Dream Mix TV: World Fighters enables unlikely matches between heroes from some of Japan's most popular game franchises. You can select Optimus Prime (Transformers), Power Pro Kun (Powerful Pro Baseball), Twin Bee (Parodius/Twin Bee), Simon Belmont (Castlevania), Rikachan, Kinomiya Takao, Microman, Bomberman, Momotarou, Yugo from Bloody Roar, Megatron, Solid Snake and even Master Higgins from Adventure Island. The fighting mechanics are simple: punch, jump and throw or use a character-specific special move. For example, Optimus Prime will transform into truck form and charge at the enemy, Master Higgins throws arrows and axes, Solid Snake sets mines and Simon Belmont tosses a cross.

... All I have to ask is: How have I and many other people I know not heard of this game?! I'm not sure if the game was ever released outside of Japan, but I want to know why, if that's true. If you search for it on Metacritic, you get no results. http://www.metacritic.com/search/all/Dream+Mix+TV+World+Fighters/results

Here's some gameplay footage of this extraordinary game:

It looks like  Super Smash Bros. without Nintendo characters. Snake even seems to play almost exactly like his Smash Bros. Brawl counterpart!

There also seems to be a lot of fan-service here, just like Smash Bros. From the Metal Gear Solid 2 level above, to this Transformers level:

.I showed it to Dan Ryckert via Twitter, and he responded with this:

@ Wow, that does look awesome. Running into the vault now to see if we have it.
So hopefully we see a replay of it sometime. I'd certainly love to see someone's opinion of this game.
What do you guys think? Would you play this game and/or watch a replay of the Gameinformer guys playing it?