Good afternoon everyone! Have you ever read something about a Nintendo game announcement of, say, Donkey Kong Country Returns and think, "Wow, that's cool and all, but I wish Nintendo would stop being lazy and just make a new IP instead of rehashing old franchises."

Well, so have a lot of other people, but not me. One reason, of course, being that I grew up with these franchises such as Kirby, Donkey Kong and Mario, but another reason is because I figure it would be bad business.

Nintendo's been making video games since the 80s. They've had plenty of time to make new franchises, and anyone can tell you that they've done just that. With that said, I believe that Nintendo has to many games to make new IPs without essentially ripping off or competing with themselves.

You want Nintendo to make a strategy game? Play Pikmin.

You want Nintendo to make a shooter? Metroid Prime's your game.

You want a fighter? See: Super Smash Bros.

You want Nintendo to make a plaformer? ... Your kidding, right?

They've covered almost, if not every main genre there is. RPG, Action, Adventure, Racing, Strategy, Puzzle, you name it. They've almost done it all, unless you count extreme sub-genres like Noir or something.

Most games now-a-days take things from other games and twist them, and almost all games use things that Nintendo has already done.

If Nintendo made a new IP, with new characters and everything, instead of "Relying on old memories and games" then they'd likely have to compete with themselves, unless they did make a game in one of those extreme sub-genres.

Now I'm not saying I don't want to see a new Nintendo IP; quite the contrary actually. I just don't think it's likely, considering everything I've said in this blog. As long as Nintendo changes these "rehashes" up every time and doesn't just throw a new number on the box...

Then I think it's ok.

P.S. Sorry if I got a bit off track in this blog. It's been a hectic day for me, and I'm tired.