Well, it's been (3? 4?) weeks since the first episode of The Starship Intercom, but there hasn't been an episode since. I'd like to apologize for that, our editor was really busy.

The Starship Intercom

Anyways, I'm sure you can already notice that this is, in fact, not The Starship Intercom. It's actually a Nintendo only spinoff that Zonified came up with.

Of course, you can listen here:


It's starts off strong, with new Club Nintendo rewards, followed by impressions of Kirby's Epic Yarn and news.

 It's a bit short, running at 30 minutes and one second, but I'm sure that's as long as you would want to listen to our voices. :p

We're having a contest to win the movie 2012 on PSN too. We tried to explain it in the show, and failed, so here's what you have to do.

We fail.

Give us your ideas for a contest. Any contest is ok, but the more realistic, the better. The best on will be the winner, and we may use it in a future episode.

To enter, post your ideas in the comments below, or send them to Podcast@Starship-Phoenix.com. You can also send questions that will be read on the show.

Good luck everyone!

And if you missed the first episode, or just want to listen again, you can check out this hub. http://starship-phoenix.com/index/podcast/0-41

Thanks for listening!