[Update]: Sorry about the long wait for another episode guys. We have plenty recorded (about 4 are in the works) but our editor is trying to get into college, so he's really busy. He's said that he'll have time this weekend, and to expect new episode then. I'm not sure how much credibility that has, but it's all I can say. Once again, Sorry.

That said, be on the lookout for a spinoff podcast coming very soon. Here's the cover:

Staship Mario Cover

'Nuff said.

{Original Post}

Yes, for those 2 people who have been excited about the Starship Phoenix's podcast, it's finally ready!

You can listen to it below:


And you can also download it here:   http://www.mediafire.com/?5l7kihacez63v5h       

You can hear the host, Toy_Robot (TR), me (Mray901), and JakandRatchet79 (JR) voice our opinions on the latest Insomniac, Gaming, and other news!

In this episode, we chat about Resistance 3 being the newest cover of Gameinformer, new Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One gameplay, Heroes on the Move's new (horrible) name, me interrupt way too much, and much more.

And I know my voice is horrible. Give me a break, I'm using a cruddy mic, and I'm southern.

Questions? Suggestions?  Leave a comment below, and you may (read: probably will) have it answered on the air in the next episode!

And we have our own E-Mail address too! Any emails, fanart, or millions of dollars can be sent to mailto:podcast@starship-phoenix.com

Disclaimer: I know all of this news is pretty old. We recorded this about 3 weeks ago. Editing stuff is hard!

And this is the first episode we can get on the air, but it's not the first episode we've recorded. If you want some info about that, just ask.

Thanks for listening!

                                                                             Illustrated by Zonified

P.S. If you want to contact us, Visit us at our website, http://starship-phoenix.com/