Congrats. If you caught that joke, you're a Gameinformer nerd like me. If you didn't, it's a joke Phil Kollar made in Gameiformer's Batman: Arkham City podcast.

Anyways, this story doesn't have much to do with Batman, but an equally awesome game. I'm talking about Red Dead Redemption.

Earlier this week, I rented a copy of this game from my local Blockbuster. Of course, I'd read the reviews, and really wanted to try the game out for myself. I did notice a couple of scratches on the disc, but none were too serious. Once I got home, I wasted no time putting it in my console. 

After watching the fantastic look intro movie, I finally got control of the protaganist, John Marston. Trying to get used to the controls, I staggered toward where the objective marker was telling me to go, the saloon.

If you've played the game, you know what to do next. The game tells you that you must follow Jake to Fort Mercer. "Easy enough" I thought. Jumping up on my horse I noticed a little stutter in frame rate. "No big deal" I thought, "Games do that all the time.

After following Jake for about 2 minutes, I witnessed something completely bizarre. The horses were frozen in a fixed position, but were still moving, and the game was chugging terribly. After twenty seconds of that, my horse actually went into the ground!

I was in complete shock.

I had recently gotten Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, and two days in encountered a game breaking glitch.

I was scared that I'd encountered another gamebreaker. I tried wiping off the disc, resetting my PS3, and being angry. None of it worked.

Long story short, something was up. I decided to try out the multiplayer, and it worked like a chram. I couldn't understand what was going on! Though I did finally get passed that part, I couldn't go back to the town without it glitching up on me again.


Glitches. Oh so evil.

Flashforward a few days, I decided to just go get my own copy of the game, taking the rental copy along so I could test it on a different console, and return it. I was scared with the possibility of it not being the game, but my console causing the problems.

Once I got to my local game shop, I popped in Blockbuster's copy of Red Dead in the demo PS3, with the employee's permission of course. I was dumbfouned. The game played like there was nothing wrong with it! I couldn't test it for very long, but what I did play was pefectly normal.

Getting over that, I went ahead and bought my own copy anyways. The multiplayer worked fine, and I was having fun playing it. It would have been worth it.

Red Dead box

Once I got in the car, I did what any good gamer would do. I ripped off the plastic and looked at the inside of the case. I was happy with what I saw; a map, a manual, an ad for the Outlaw 'Til the End downloadable co-op pack.

Then, I got a strange urge. I took out my disc, and compared it with Blockbuster's. It was amazing. Blockbuster's copy was yellow!

Well, not solid yellow, but the normally white letters and brown hat on the disc's cover were stained with a yellow tint. Yellower than the new copy, that's for sure. I knew right then what was wrong with this copy: Someone either left it out in the sun, or spilt something on it. At least I knew it wasn't my console's fault now.

While returning the disc to the rental place, I told them about my discovery. They thanked me, and asked me if I wanted to exchange Red Dead for another game. (which would have only been a two day rental, since Red Dead was due back on Thursday and I did all of this on Tuesday.)

I politely declined, telling the cahier that I'd gotten more than enough enjoyment out of what I did get to play.

So what's the moral of this story? ...Nothing. I just decided to share it. Hope you enjoyed it!

Now, back to Red Dead...

Update: Well, it's been a few days, and my copy is working perfectly! I'm pretty happy about it, and if anyone wants to play, you can add me. My PSN ID is Mray901.