I'm going to jump right into this topic: Sharing online multiplayer. I'm tired of seeing remarks like "I'm glad that a law is being passed so little kiddies can't play Halo online" and "Stupid little kids shouldn't play Halo because it's annoying lolz".

Yes, I know that some kids have high, squeaky voices, but that's what mute is for. Not counting the kids who can't play right, play like idiots, or cuss/spew insults constantly, what's wrong with someone, say, 11 years old, playing a video game online? If they are good at the game, and play like they're supposed to, why do people constantly treat anyone under 16 like a moron? It's all just for fun right?

I first got into Xbox Live when I was 11 (With my parent's consent, of course), and was having a blast playing Halo, or Bad Company with friends from school and people I met online. I ran into plenty of people, young and old, who constantly spewed insults and swore like sailors for no particular reason.

Maturity, not age, is what matters folks.

Just a quick rant I wanted to get out of my system. Feel free to agree or disagree.