Ok, I'm not going to beat around the bush, this multiplayer is amazing. It provides a huge change of pace from the regular multiplayer games, (Call of Duty, I'm looking at you!) and changes a lot of what you've come to expect from online play.

Once you start it up, you can choose to play in a little tutorial that teaches you the basics. It doesn't provide that much insight though, so I had to play the actual game to fully grasp the concept, which might alienate some players. There's also no control tutorial (from what I've seen) which is fine for someone who's played the other games in the series, but those who got the beta via PlaystationPlus might have a lot of trouble starting off.

When you try to get into a match, a lot of times the game will throw you into an already started match, which is normally almost finished. I find it odd that they didn't just put you into a lobby.

Once a match starts, you're given a contract to assassinate another player. But, and this is where it gets fun, someone else is after you too. You have to walk around, follow your compass, and be stealthy to find your opponent, all while someone's doing the same to you. There are hundreds of NPCs walking around, which look like the playable characters, that will try to throw you off.

 Sometimes, the NPCs will run, making you think it's a human player. You must be on your toes at all times, watching your back, front, and side for someone trying to get you. It's this kind of paranoia and mystery that truly makes this game stand out among others.

Of course, it's not without it's flaws. Once someone presses the square (or I'm guessing X for 360) button to assassinate you, you're done, even if you'd normally have a chance to get away. This isn't a huge flaw, and I can understand why it was put in due to balance, but it's still frustrating.

There are also some minor graphical bugs and glitches that can hinder the experience, or cause someone to kill you when they didn't deserve it. I'm happy to say though, that so far there aren't any map or exploiting glitches, and since there are no ranged weapons, I doubt it would actually be effective.

Overall, I am very impressed at how Ubisoft handled multiplayer in a normally single player game. A lot of times, I forgot I was playing with other people until I looked at their tags. I'm proud to say I'll be buying this game on day one.