Weird, I know. Normally it's the other way around, but here's why I think my local Gamestop hates me. It's not that they treat me like a random idiot when I walk in there, it's because whenever I go in, I work them to death.

On Tuesday, September 7th, I went to pick up my Special Edition Birth By Sleep PSP pre-order. I showed up when the UPS guys were delivering all of the Halo Reach, Spiderman, etc. stuff, so I knew it was going to be a bit of a hassle, some way.

Once I walked in, I did like any other normal person would do when picking up a pre-order, and stepped up to the cashier, who I believe is also the manager. I'll call him Sully just to make the story easier to read.

Anyways, I ask Sully if he has my pre-order. He says the register doesn't have it in the system yet, but he knows it's coming, probably just now being delivered.

... So we wait. He runs back in forth between the register and the back room looking for the 12 inch numbered box. 10 minutes and 75 lost calories later, he finds it, and he rings it up like nothing happened.

... Then I ask about the Pre-Order Bonus, the decal stickers. He looks through some boxes, with no such luck. I say, "Oh well", say goodbye, and walk out of the store. All is well now, right?

Wrong. Well, almost. All is well until today. (The 27th).

I had just finished taking some tests (since I'm homeschooled), and went by to sell some games and switch my Dead Rising 2 Normal Edition pre-order to the Zombrex Edition, since I had some extra money. Turns out, you can't do that. I ask if they'll have any extras that are just random retail.

Sully says he'll have to do some math to find out the Special Edition to Pre-order ratio, and he'll get back to me on that. I tell him thanks, it's cool, blah blah, and ask about their Midnight Launch tonight.

It's met with a resounding "WHAT?!". I tell Sully about how I'd gotten a call from their automated messaging service telling me to be there at 10:00 PM for the launch. After the initial shock of learning something about his store from a customer, He calls (what I'm guessing) is the Gamestop down the street, which I guess is run by the same guy. I'm not to smart when it comes to businesses.

Anyways, he says that no one told him he had to get someone to work for the Midnight Launch, and tells me how screwed up it is. He tells me to call the store at around 3:00 to ask about it. Then I ask if I can pre-order the New Vegas Collector's Edition.

... I'm not even going to talk about the fallout that ensued from that scenario. 

Afterwards, I tell Sully how sorry I am for making him work like a slave every time I walk into the store, and now possibly causing someone to work extra hours tonight. He tells me it's his job, and gives me a "What if" scenario of me not telling him and tons of people showing up.

So that's why I think my local Gamestop hates me. Or at least the manager...

And if anything was poorly written or I used bad grammar anywhere, I say screw you I took 9 tests today  I apologise.