In the perfect world the best quality products will always sell the best. Obviously that is not the case in the real world. The products that sell best are usually ones that are marketed well. This is true in the video game industry as well. I personally have found quite a few good games that have been released and flopped solely due to a lack of marketing. On the other side of the spectrum played games with lots of hype and felt disappointed with what I received from the game itself. There are times I feel that review scores are higher or lower due to the writer being swayed by the marketing campaign. I’m not saying they are being paid off but being persuaded by what they see being promoted.

Under Hyped


I particularly enjoyed a game called Singularity in which received no hype. It had an intriguing story similar to that of Bioshock and even had a concept similar to plasmids built into its gameplay. It was not purely a Bioshock clone though; the story sparked a lot of thought in my mind even a couple years after I played it. The ending offered different outcomes based on a decision you made at the end of the game and each one was great. The graphics and physics were on par with other games that came out in 2010. The only problem with the game was a lack of marketing; which led to low sales and a non-existent community to play multiplayer with.


More recently a game called Inversion released after many delays. The game is a cover-based TPS muck like Gears of War, the twist is the ability to alter gravity. The story within the game is silly as are the characters but the gameplay is solid. I found the Inversion mechanic a lot of fun even if it is a little bit limited. Sadly, I was looking forward to playing multiplayer against others only to get into a single match after waiting over an hour. It would have been interesting to use the Inversion mechanic against other live players.


One of my favorite games that went under the radar is Wet. It is a game that is not to be taken seriously. It uses the Max Payne Bullet Time slow motion mechanic when diving but with an arcade feel to it. The game did have bugs that detracted from the polish of the game but the gameplay is refreshing and different, which is more than welcomed in the shooter genre. It is loads of fun going nuts hacking and slashing close enemies then unloading and diving on the rest leaving the floor with tons of baddies all sprawled out.

Over Hyped

Medal of Honor/ Homefront

The reboot of Medal of Honor and Homefront are two military shooters that had a large marketing campaign and didn’t even remotely live up to the hype. Both games offered an interesting story but everything else felt below average. Neither had top of the line graphics and the A.I. was the swiftest. What really offended me about these releases was the multiplayer, it wasn’t unique and had a lot of gameplay issues that detracted from the experience. I was hoping and expected two games that would redefine the military FPS based on all the pre-launch marketing.

Street Fighter X Tekken

I was really amped for Street Fighter X Tekken. It looked like it was going to be an epic battle between two juggernauts in the fighting genre. What I received was a game that used Street Fighter mechanics but tweaked it in order to work for the Tekken characters. The game just didn’t feel as good as Street Fighter IV because of it. The gem system turned out to be more of a gimmick then a game changer. It actually turned off a lot of hardcore players because it can take the balance out of a fight. The worst offense was the small roster even though both franchises have a large character selection. I found out just days before launch that there were more characters on disc being withheld as DLC for $20 at a later date.

Darksiders II

Just the other week I picked up Darksiders II, needless to say I was disappointed. The story was weak; it turned out to be more of a goose chase than anything else. The ending didn’t offer any true sense of completion at all. When I played the game it felt just like the first one but with a handful of new weapon types, it should be called Darksiders 1.25 or an expansion rather than a standalone title. The highly touted loot and progression system with in the game didn’t feel satisfying and I wouldn’t have minded if it wasn’t in the game. It was a big letdown for me after the marketing campaign had me extremely excited and anxiously anticipating its release.


I do realize I may have bashed one of your favorite games. I am not trying to go out and say any of those games are terrible simply that they didn’t live up to all the hype. A marketer’s job is to persuade people into purchasing their product or service regardless of quality or need. A lack of a marketing push will lead to a lack of awareness and low sales. In turn leading people to believe a particular product is bad or low quality. I’ll venture a guess you guys have a movie, book, or video game in which you love but others aren’t aware of or think is terrible.

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