Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on this week's blog, I got to pay the bills afterall. But this band is one of my favorites and can't wait to share with everyone. I present to you....



Pinback is a local San Diego based indie rock band. Not hugely known, for some odd reason, but really one of the shining jewels to come out of San Diego. Formed back in 1998, singer/songwriter Armistad Burwell Smith IV (also known as Zack Smith from Three Mile Pilot) and Rob Crow, their unique sounding music has captivated the city. They currently switch on and off between two drummers, Chris Prescott and Tom Zinser.

Zack is also known for his unique Bass style, in which he incorporates not only the standard strumming, but slapping and popping throughout his songs. Zack is the instrumental powerhouse of the band, while Rob writes the lyrical aspect of the songs.



The band is also very adamant about keeping the indie style to their music, refusing to go mainstream in fear of losing their unique sound to corporate pressure. They also give out limited EPs out during their concerts to their fans, which honestly is pretty *** cool if you ask me.

From Nothing to Nowhere

So far they have released a four albums: This is Pinback, Blue Screen Life, Summer in Abaddon, and Autumn of the Seraphs. They are currently working on a fifth album to be released in 2010. Personally, Summer in Abaddon is my favorite of the albums.

Non Photo Blue

I've been listening to the band since '04, and totally fell in love with them instantly when they played live on a local radio station.


So I hope you enjoyed my entry this week, at the very end of this blog will be more videos/interviews from Pinback. But as promised I will be taking another user's submission and adding it to this blog. There was confusion with the person's blog I was going to originally post, so made some last second changes. So without further adieu...

Arob777 presents.....

 Working For a Nuclear Free City (WFANFC) is an Indie/Alternative rock band originating form Manchester, England. In 1999 they began as a studio band with Phil Kay on the keyboard (he also produced) and Gary McClure on guitar. After adding a full time drummer (John Kay) and bassist (Ed Hulme) in 2004 they began touring live around England.

Their first full studio album Working For a Nuclear Free City was released in 2006 in the UK only. The first American release was Businessman & Ghosts, a double album. The first half includes their entire first self-titled album, with the second half being completely new material. Their latest piece of music can be found at the end credits of the PS3 game InFamous (which is where I discovered them). It's titled Silent Melody and is available on iTunes. An interesting origin of their long obscure name comes from the bands MySpace page. "It was robbed of a Manchester City Council sign from the Cold War era. On entering the city the signs would read, Welcome To Manchester - Working For A Nuclear Free City."


Their main influences consist of Devo, The Grateful Dead and an English Electronic group called The Chemical Brothers. I find Devo and The Chemical Brothers to be major influences on this band as their sound is definitely electronically influenced.

After listening to the credit song of InFamous I was instantly in love, and bought the entire album that night. Here is the song from InFamous:


This is probably the song with the most electronic influence, and since it is their most recent song it may be what we see on their future works.

 The title track of a UK released EP. Good song, shows their acoustic side. Don't be expecting many electric guitars with these guys synthesizers, pianos and acoustic guitars will be the driving force of all you hear.

Here are some more of their indie/alternative sides. These next two songs are probably my two favorites. Just click on the link to take you to a player which should play the song.



 Some of the bands more upbeat/electronic side:


Youtube videos are hard to find of this band, mostly because of their obscurity in America. At least that is the best explanation I have.

Here are just some more samples from youtube:

Basically, I would tell you to buy the whole album. If you like what you heard you can't go wrong. When you listen to it front to back you want more. 29 tracks for $11.99 on iTunes is a great deal which is why I had to pick it up so quickly.

There are no plans for a follow up album, or at least nothing I could find, but I would bet one is in the works.


Thank you Arob for that selection, completely unedited (except for fixing the videos). I really enjoyed your selection and will definitely be checking them out more. Everyone else, be sure to send me your suggestions, preferably just like Arob sent me his!


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