Hello again everyone, how are you doing? Good? Well that is fantastic.

Today, I would like to bring up a very important public service announcement to all the GI users, old and new. One that I know will tug at the heartstrings of many of our users:


After you are done going "Awwwwwwww", lets discuss how being a good member can protect your children and the children of others.

You should be right about now going "Bwah? Protecting my children? What ever do you mean Mr PMS?!".

Well the truth is, us mods and staff members have more power than you can possibly imagine. We are like He-Man and Voltron put together. Yea, I know, pretty badass. And with this great power, we have to ability to do great things....and horrible things.

What horrible things you might ask? Well let me show you!



But I digress, I do not enjoy deleting generations of children. It is all pretty messy and frankly alot of people stop inviting me to their ice cream socials. But look on the bright side! Atleast I am sending you a notification that I have deleted your spawn.

So how can you avoid such a fate?

It's quite simple! By being a good user! Do not troll, post horrible, horrible things, or steal another man's wife and everything should be fine!

Seriously, it is no fun when I have to look at this and check the box.

It really brings down my day. Unless they are crying like this, but louder. Then I delete them twice as fast and call it a day. The other Mods and I rather not have to make a "Baby Deletion of the Week" thread, but will if duty calls.

So there you go folks!

Be good users and your legacy might one day grow up to resent you and wreck your car.