Well today, I was playing a game of Search and Destroy on High Rise, didnt have my mic in as I really dont like to hear people scream and yell how they won >.<.

ANYWAY. There was a ehh I say 12 or 11 year old talking trash from the other team, on my team there was a clan of African Americans talking trash back in there 20s or so. When the next round started one of the guys said "Man I hate White people and kids." 

Then I jolt into action and plug my mic, "well was not much of a jolt haaa" since I am white and I guess some people consider 16 year olds kids "as myself" and said. "Hey man, no need to be biased I mean not all kids are bad same goes for all white people." He goes on about how our president is black...blah blah calling me white trash whatever. So then you know what I did? I re unplugged my mic and muted them. Alot of people should follow this I mean COME ON, this goes for kids in school still like me. I go to an almost all black school and I have been called White Trash so many times, never fought them as why? My college could see it and it just sets a bad example. I just move on.

And that is why this is a triumph.