In this Blog you will learn about all the various consoles of the Xbox 360 and there features. You will also hear my recommendations and more.  

First we have the Xbox 360 Pro that actually is not being made anymore as of Spring 2009. The Pro has the look of the first Xbox 360s with the platinum disc tray on a white 360 console. You may still find this on some "possibly untrusted" site, ebay, or some kind of outlet store. 

This is an Xbox 360 Pro console. It "did" come with everything you see here. Like all other consoles it comes with a free 1 Month of Xbox Live if you select silver membership when signing up "see this video for more details" Depending on the version of the console, it may not have a HDMI input. And HDMI input is to have much better picture quality in your gaming only if your TV offers HDMI. Most TVs that will offer HDMI are HDTVs. Also HDMI cord is sold separately. Now if you know for a fact your TV does not offer this, and you found a good deal for it on ebay or somewhere be my guest and buy it. Also please be aware that these consoles have been reported to experience the RROD earlier. Some Gamestop stores still sell these. But most dont.


This above me is the Xbox 360 Arcade. These are $199.99 and sold at most stores that sell 360s.

This is the console I own personally. I would love to have the Xbox 360 Elite "discussed later". The console comes with all the regular 360 supplies "AV cords, Power Cord, Controller,Free 1 Month etc" but the console has a rather small internal HDD. Also this console is rather LOUD then other 360 consoles. If your a hardcore gamer who is getting there first console I dont recommend this, If you are a hardcore gamer getting annother console after a RROD and have an existing HDD I would recommend this.

If you are getting a 360 for a family, sorta have two paths. If you are also looking in to using the Marketplace and downloading movies and TV shows to your console then I do not recommend this as you do not nearly have enough space, if you buy/have a seperate HDD then go for it. "HDD"

If you are not planning to download a load of movies etc, then go for this console. It will be perfect for the incoming Natal release and while your waiting for the release it has Xbox 360 Arcade games like Pac-Man, Uno, and more to play! This console also can of course play other disc games ha. The Arcade does have an HDMI input.


Next we have the original Xbox 360 Elite. This console has large storage "120GB", AV cords, Controller, Headset, Ethernet cord, HDMI Input, Ethernet Cord. The system itself is rather quiet comparing to the Xbox 360 Arcade. The console itself is sold for $299.99. I would only recommend this console for people who are going to be download a bunch of TV shows, Movies, Arcade Games, and Music. "Please keep inmind that downloading TV shows, music, arcade games, and movies do cost more money!" If you are not planning to do this I highly dont recommend you pay for the extra $100 just so you can have a black console! 

The Xbox 360 comes in Bundles aswell like as of now its the Spring Bundle giving you Forza Motor Sports 3 and Halo ODST for the same price. 

Spring Bundle:

Regular Elite:



The final and biggest console is the Super Elite. It has 2 Controllers, HDMI Input AND cord, AV Cord, Special Game "Depends which one", 3 months of free Xbox Live, sometimes custom painted, headset, power cord, etc. This is for those people who LOVE the game that is coming with the Special Edition Super Elite "which ever it is" or want to buy LARGE amounts of downloads off the Marketplace. The console itself is the same as the Elite but has extra add ons like the 250GB HDD! The cost of these bad boys is close to $400. Yes that would be 2 Xbox 360 Arcades. And these are only sold in stores for a limited time. 

Here is the diffrent limited edition Super Elites or just Limited Edition Elites. 

The one above Splinter Cell Conviction Super Elite

Final Fantasy XIII Super Elite Console 


Modern Warfare Limited Edition Super Elite Console.


Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Super Elite Console.


Halo 3 Limited Edition Elite Console. 


GTAIV Limited Edition Elite Console


Gears Of War Limited Edition Elite Console RARE ONLY 20 EVER MADE!


Last FM, Facebook, Twitter, etc Elite Consoles



Keep in mind most of those limited edition consoles are kinda HARD to get....



  • No Xbox 360 system can play Blu-Ray DVDs.
  • To buy Movies, Music, Games via Marketplace. You must buy Microsoft Points from various locations or have your credit card linked onto your Xbox 360 console.
  • To connect to the Xbox LIVE via Xbox 360 you need to have wireless internet to connect to a wireless router in your home, an ethernet cord "comes with all 360s" via modem or wireless router.
  • Flashing your Xbox 360 is a VERY bad idea as Microsoft can detect them and will ban you
  • Mircosoft owns Xbox 360
  • When you make an Xbox Live account it is NOT yours it is still consider owned by Microsoft thus you can not sell them for profit.
  • Rumors that there is an Xbox 360 Slim coming out???