Think of the last time you bought a game from a retailer and you picked up its case. Think of the last time you surfed online for a video game and you saw a image of a video game cover.

What went across your mind as you looked at the cover of the video game? Maybe you thought... "Wow. That looks ugly." Or maybe you thought: "Whoa. That looks great." Or perhaps you thought: "C'mon. This cover is full of nonsense." Maybe even: "It looks...alright."

My name is Warrior and today I want to talk to you about how important cover art for games are. This should be a fun and relaxing ride so sit back and grab some extra buttery popcorn.

You may not agree with me but I think video game box arts are very important. Most gamers like looking at box art of a video game because the box art tells a person so much information about the game through images alone.

For example... Lets look a the box art of a game that many people talked about when it released:

Am I the only guy who thinks this cover for Batman: Arkham City is trying too hard to grab someone's attention? I mean JUST LOOK AT IT. The cover is practically bragging about how much praise the game is getting. Now look, its okay for a video game to brag about success but whoever designed the cover for this game just went too far. Did you notice the gigantic "10 out of 10" at the top of the case? Yeah, GameInformer said that quote. Look at the left side of the game: "5 out 5. One of the greatest games ever made. Period." This cover is for the Game of the Year Edition so I guess that made the people in charge for designing this cover say something like: "Let's remind people why this game is the Game of the Year." I still think the cover could have looked way better. Less bragging and more screenshots from the game.

Now let's look at another box art.

Square Enix, in my opinion, handles box art for their video games extremely well. On the front of this cover is the strong female known at Lightning and she's simply holding her weapon and casually glancing upwards. Why is this cover awesome? The COVER IS SIMPLISTIC. There isn't much going on the front cover. It shows the logo of the company behind the game and the main star of the game. I think its brilliant and more companies should follow Square Enix's example on designing box art.

Must I bring up the Bioshock: Infinite cover? Maybe I shouldn't because many people this cover is a flat out joke while others think it looks just fine:

I'm pretty sure that when the box art of this amazing game was first released to the public... There was a article on GIO that showed all the many Bioshock fans complaining about how awful and stupid the cover was. I'm going to try to find that link of that article very soon... but if you ask me... I don't think the cover is that bad. Yeah, Booker Dewitt looks kind of cheesy and the "I'm a tough guy in a bad situation" look has been used so much that its not even funny anymore BUT the box art actually hints to the gamer to how much epic the GAME actually is. Behind Booker, the American flag is burning. Some people roll their eyes at that while others think its just a nice touch to the cover. It depends on how YOU perceive it. It doesn't bother me at all but to some people it does...

Here's another box art that is very good:

Yeah, that GTA entry wasn't that good if you ask me. BUT... the cover of the game is perfect. I have to applaud Rockstar because for many of their games box art they follow the exact formula. Whats the formula? The title of the game is in the middle of the case and around the case is interesting images of whats going to happen in the game. Here is another example of that formula Rockstar loves to use over and over:

I think those GTA covers are very cool and unique.

Sometimes video game covers go for shock value because they know they will catch your eye. You know the kind. These are game covers that try to say to gamer: "I'm cool. Pick me up." Just look at these:

Those covers look really good to me.Why? They aren't flashy but they catch your eye.

Have you ever seen the cover of a SHOOTER? Oh man... Usually... the cover of video game thats a shooter look like these:


Now... Shooting games kind of have an obligation to the cover art to do something. I guess it is a criminal sin if the cover of a shooter video game doesn't have a gun or a character giving a hard expression as he/she is holding a gun. Mostly all shooting games do the same thing for their cover art. Is it silly and ineffective? Yeah, if you ask me. I suggest they would just show the main character dying. Oh no.. Do I sound morbid? Whatever.

The only point I'm trying to make is that video game box arts matter to some gamers. Maybe you don't care about it but I do. When I get old and I lean back in my rocking chair, I'm going to pick up and look at the game covers of games I played when I was younger. I'll smile and laugh at the covers I thought was pathetic and good.

Just like with humans... Video game box art are very special in their own way. There's some good and there is some bad. But overlook the bad. I won't let the cover of a video game persuade my opinion on if the game is worth playing but I do notice that it does have some sort of influence.

Don't just a book by its cover.

Thanks for listening to my blog about video game covers. I know what you're thinking... "Warrior.. You still haven't created that massive blog about the Vita that involves many GIO members." Don't worry. The Vita blog will appear within this week or next week. Hang on just a little longer...

Once again, thanks for reading. I appreciate it. Have anything to say? Leave a comment below!