Unfortunately, for the youth of the world right now, the whole gaming system is geared toward the older gamer with thicker wallets.  At one point, the men that cry out, "I'm a Gamer", were mere kids.  Just like the left out youth of the elder gamer of today.  The real question should be to each and everyone of us, is this conducive to creating a new gamer for life.  I really cannot say that I would be so obsessed with games at 27, if the companies weren't catering to me at the age of 7.  Yet the big new game studios of today have forgotten that a gamer should not be taken for granted; they need to be grown.  Microsoft and Sony seem to only be there for the mature adience.  As for the Wii, shovel ware is the normal while the really good games are nonexistent.  What are our young gamers to do?  Buy a garbage game or try to convince their parents to buy them a game rated M.  I would not want to be put in that position ever.  The gaming industry needs to grow today's youth for tomorrow's adult gamer.  It is the only way to harvest the hardcore gamer of the future.  And the kids would love it too.