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The DLC Dead Space Debacle

The DLC Dead Space Debacle

I just got Dead Space for the Xbox 360 and couldn't be happier.  I know I am a year behind everyone else, but I like to do things at my own pace.  As I powered down my system, scared out of my wits and thinking maybe I don't want to contune "playing" this game, I noticed something very interesting.  At the bottem of the dashboard I read Big Gun  Pack "game and-on" and I found myself contemplating.  For a mere 80 Microsoft points I could recieve the Steam Punk Force Gun to help in my conquest on the Ishimura.  I thought "wow, they accually added a new stronger weapon to this game and I could get it right now."  I ran out and bought some Microsoft points just in case the game becomes way more intense; I hear that it does.  I then began my research on the best package to buy to be greatly disappointed.  I'm not sure whether or not I am too far behind to catch up or some very important people in my life are dropping the ball.  By that I mean Gameinformer!  The magazine that I've known and trusted for years does not seem to have any archived information on the downloadable content for Dead Space.  It is not a game or a game expansion, for say, but it is gaming content that I would hope was covered.  Maybe I am too new to the site or maybe the site is too new; I'm not sure.  In the end I would like some sort of coverage on the DLC like weapons, skins, or armor in any game and not just on actual game expansions.  I think  I should just keep looking.