I know most of these have probably been covered elsewhere, but my major complaints with Video Gaming today are many. Here is a small list of what bothers me most.

1. Cost: I know these major corporations are fighting the economy and piracy and everything else we say we have to deal with... blah,blah,blah.. And yet everything is still outrageously expensive because the industry has grown up and these same companies that used to cater to the tween crowd now realize that people with jobs are playing these games and the price tags reflect this. Case in point, $60 for a game,$50 for a second control if you dont want to play by yourself,$50 bucks yearly if you play online for Xbox, and in most cases if you want to play with your friends after a couple of months, the $10-$20 for the DLC that everyone has to have to continue to enjoy the experience with the same friends who started with the basic package just a few short months ago.

2. Increasing lack of functions in-game: Sub-titles, custom control schemes, split-screen; all these things used to be almost standard for previous console generations. Now people are begging for them to make a comeback when really they shouldn't have left at all. I read in GameInformer magazine about a deaf man who didnt buy Assassin's Creed because it didn't offer subtitles. This wouldn't have happened with Mario back in the day! Wake up and pay attention to your consumers mega-conglomerates.

3. Sequels: I know it's a tough market it out there, but seriously lets see those new IP's. We need a yearly dose of Madden or Fifa like we need tetanus. Im a fan of Final Fantasy and still am glad to see Square-Enix try something new. If you publish it someone somewhere will buy it. It's like Beyond Good and Evil. It may not be huge out of the gate but word of mouth will increase those sales and you will make money.

4. Mulitplayer everything: I love multiplayer. I really do. But it would be nice to see games like Halo actually try to include a single player game with that new multiplayer offering. I know that we get that single player campaign but was it an afterthought or was it really what the game was. I like Bioshock 2's approach to multiplayer. One team does the multiplayer and another works on the single player. I know its like 2 games in one, but I personally can deal with that. Cause I'd like to know this $60 investment still works even if my internet doesn't.

5. Console Exclusives: Everyone wants to play the Metal Gears, God of Wars, and the Gears of Wars. But not everyone can afford all three consoles. So quit taking the bribes and lets get these franchises to the real focus of your efforts; the players, no matter what brand of console they chose. I can understand something like God of War not making Wii cause of Technical Limitations, but why not Xbox360. Corporate Greed and blatant ignorance of the consumer market as a whole. Its also ridiculous that a used game is cheaper than a brand new book. So much for support literacy in america. But then again that isn't the Video Game industry's fault, it's ours as Parents, Americans, and consumers as a whole.

I know that alot of folks and fanboys will disagree but as someone who plays video games as a form of therapy I'd like to think I might know a little about what I find displeasing. I am tired of playing and spending and not getting complete satisfaction with what im investing in anymore. Here's to hoping someone on high is listening and what used to be entertainment can move away from the industry side of life and back into the entertainment side again.