Those of you who thought you escaped the wave of Etsy posts after my internship with Game Informer or the last SUATMM were sorely mistaken. SORELY.

Enjoy blowing all your hard-earned cash, b*tches. Here are six Etsy things you definitely want.

From uniquechicbowtique.

I used to have pretty long hair, so getting into bow-wearing was a no-brainer. Long, stick-straight hair can get pretty boring and tedious without a little added flair every day. Over the course of about a year, I accumulated around thirty different hair bows to accommodate my new addiction. Why not add one more?

From DieselLaceDesign.

I'm actually planning on getting these to wear to my Love-A-Palooza (wedding) this August. The party's color scheme is going to be kinda-sorta-purple-green (green is my husband's favorite color; purple is mine), so these earrings would be a nice addition to my outfit, don't you think?

From NerdAlertCreations

This skirt design really sticks out to me because a lot of the nerdy skirts available on Etsy reuse vintage fabric. That's fine, but this one is original, which is neat. The different color flecks in the block, too, would make the skirt an easy match for other outfit pieces.

From CloudyKasumiArts.

I don't know why anybody would ever want to buy jewelry that isn't from Etsy. Where else could you get Korok earrings? KOROK EARRINGS.

From ChibiToymaker.

The great thing about this Teddie pouch is that, 1) it's Teddie (do you really need another great thing?), and 2) the pouch opens up at Teddie's head, à la Teddie IRL. Er, Teddie in Persona IRL. Now all the crafter needs to do is shove a beautiful, jovial young blonde man inside the pouch and I'm sold.

From Peachykiki.

Three words: Glossy. N7. Leggings. I'd love to pair these with a fiery red dress on a nice night out. This is how it plays out in my head: Waitress: "A table for two? What's the name?" Me: "Right. The name's Shepard. Ali Shepard. And this is my favorite Tex-Mex restaurant on the Citadel."

God, I'm lame.

Ali is a former Game Informer editorial intern and is currently a master's student at the University of Minnesota, where she studies games, virtual communities, manga, and other nerdy crap. Follow her on Twitter, Tumblr, TwitchTV, or her personal blog.