Here's one thing you have to know about me: I like to quote people, especially out of context.  I enjoy Game Informer's official Overheard series like any other GI fan/employee, and while I hope to submit particularly good quotes to the official series, I've found myself with an abundance of quotes from Jack (also known as Jack, The Quixotic Gamer), one of my fellow interns.  And, rather than have them go to waste or clog up my submission to the official thread, I figured I'd share them with you in an all new series: Jack, Overheard.


"I think I've been around long enough to know how fruit works." 

"[Burp]*. BOOM BABY!"

*Jack claims he didn't actually burp. Whatever. I heard what I heard.

"Hey Chad…" "Hey punk! Gimme your lunch money!" "Ok, Chad…" (monologued dialogue)

"Why is there a locked game called 'TickleTime?'"


"StarCraft is calling my name." (whispering to himself)

"I'm practicing to embarrass my future daughter." (dancing)

"This is gonna be sick nasty awesome."

"I farted." (whispering)

"YOU SAID YOU WERE DONE." (yelling at me about my yogurt)

"I say everything wrong."


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