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This Saturday: Live-Streaming an Attempt to Beat Ocarina of Time in a Day for Charity

If you read my previous blog post on the subject, or follow me on Twitter, you probably already know that I'm going to be participating in the Minnesota AIDS Walk this Sunday, May 20th.  A few weeks ago, I came up with the harebrained idea to live-stream an attempt to beat Ocarina of Time, one of my favorite games (I have a Deku Scrub tattoo, if that tells you anything), in a day in order to raise money for the Walk.

Well, here we are on Thursday, May 17th, with only two days left before the live-stream (which will take place this Saturday, May 19th--the day before the AIDS Walk), and I am scared.  What if the stream doesn't work properly? What if I wake up that morning and barf all over myself? What if I can't find all the keys in the Water Temple?

Mostly, though, I'm excited because my friends and family, and of course, the Game Informer community (which I'll be an "official" part of this summer when I serve as a Game Informer intern) have all been extremely supportive, and seem to truly wish for a successful and lucrative playthrough. 

Here's what you need to know about the stream:

1. It'll take place this Saturday, May 19th, starting at approximately 7 A.M. and will continue until I finish the game.  Hopefully, that won't be any later than 10 PM, as the MN AIDS Walk begins early Sunday morning, and I most definitely cannot walk 6 miles in the heat without getting at least a little bit of sleep the night before.  Click here for the link to the stream/my TwitchTV channel.

2. Though one of the Game Informer video guys (and my future coworker!) offered to help me set up the stream with fancy-pants equipment, my boyfriend volunteered to try to make it work on his Mac.  We've tested out some of our own gear, and will definitely have a stream, though it may be a bit laggy (likely forcing us to abandon a camera on myself), and problems are sure to arise throughout the day.  This is our first time streaming something semi-important, and we're learning as we go, so don't tease us too much.

3. I'm planning on using the N64 instead of the Wii (Virtual Console/Collector's Edition) because I'm more familiar and comfortable with the N64's controller scheme for OoT than I am with the Wii's/GameCube's (and I still haven't picked up a 3DS).  This means that the stream's video quality will inevitably be a little fuzzy.  I hope you can forgive me.

4. I'll be having friends periodically stop by for snacks, adult beverages, games, and to watch, so you may get to see or hear them in the camera we hope to use on me.  Apparently, my friend Erica and her boyfriend, who is a huge brony, will be bringing taco dip. TACO DIP.

5. I've played Ocarina of Time dozens of times, but have never tried to beat it in any particular amount of time.  I once played it for research, but all that meant was I had to do everything in the game (it took several hundred hours).  This is the first time I'll be trying to figure out which parts to skip (and how I can go about doing that) in order to get done faster.  I won't be using any cheats or glitches, so it'll be accomplished only with a combination of old-fashioned skill and dumb luck.

6. I'm doing this stream in order to raise money for an organization that does a lot of really amazing work in the state of Minnesota (where, fun fact, Game Informer is based), helping to prevent new HIV infections and to treat people who are currently living with HIV/AIDS.  If you tune into the stream on Saturday, or generously wish to donate to the MN AIDS Walk anyway, click here.  All donations are tax-deductible and go directly to the MN AIDS Project to help fund its programs. Every little bit counts; my goal is to raise $600 on Saturday, though the MN AIDS Project certainly wouldn't say no to more (and the internet has been known to be extremely generous).

Also: Yes, I named my team "The Indigo-Go's," after the Zora rock band from Majora's Mask. Alright,

...collaborate and listen.

God, I am so lame.

Lastly, please help me spread the word about this.  Write a blog post, share this one on Twitter or Tumblr, or post it to your Facebook--whatever works--as long as people remember that it's not just something I'm doing for funsies (though it will be lots of funsies)--it's to help an organization whose work greatly improves the lives of Minnesotans at-risk of getting or already struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Thank you all for your support for this and throughout the last couple weeks since I've announced my internship.  I am truly honored and excited to be able to engage with a community as kind, rational, and intelligent as this one.  See you all on Saturday!