Hello there I'm here to blog about the issues of the Xbox One. I didn't really paid attention to the issues of the Xbox One, but i did pay attention to the cool games and features that it has to offer. I have been hearing its issues and i'll put it down as i go. One of them is that you can't share or use used games which it is a bunch of b***S*** and that they charge you a fee if you do use them like WTF. Second like that the fact you have to have that kinect crap with it or it won't work. Third the f****** Price on it is just ridiculous half a f****** thousand for me it's not really worth that money. Fourth that if 3 or more people in the kinect it charges you a fee F****** stupid! Well it's from what i heard and correct me if you will, But that's not even the sad part, the sad part is that i'am getting it the one and only reason i am getting it is Halo. On the other hand i have been hearing good things about the PS4 though but the problem is i don't like the games that it has to offer. I wish those f***Heads at Microsoft Realize how f****** stupid it is. So what are your opinions fellows? :)