So we decided to change how we post our episodes, there are no more pictures for the time being. We're posting through Blog Spot now.

But here is our latest episode that is directly to the MP3 file. Here is the website. You are now able to listen to all of our existing episodes starting from 1. Enjoy!

In episode 17 we do what we did with 16. We just talk. About anything ranging from Pixar to bad puns. Our guest this week is Evan Tognotti which some of you may remember as being our very first guest. It's good to have him back on the show.


Now to get to something we mentioned before. We said in episode 16 that we were going to have the Ben Hanson E3 interview up last week. Well, we got it up, but I forgot to post it. This is a great, short talk with Ben about his very first time at E3. Ben Hanson rightfully steals the show talking about his adventures in LA with E3. It had me smiling the whole time. If anything you should give this a listen =)