This week is the end of the world edition (that didn't happen). In honor of the "End of the World" we took the liberty of having barely any structure at all. Ok, that might've been an accident, but it's great.We talk about the MW3 pre-order and previous CoD pre-order bonuses, the Fall TV Line-up and a lot more. Tons of tangents, tons of discussion and most likely the most relaxed, most out of it, most thoughtful episode we've had yet.

Because Episode 12 didn't get posted here, here's the link:

This episode was a little late to begin with because we had a tad bit of a mishap with recording and plans. As a result we had just the 3 main hosts including me, Clint, and Nick. This was originally posted on Tuesday of last week on the Overblood Facebook group. Go and give it a listen.


Host Twitters:

Clint Prentice: @OriginalClint

Nick Clement: @rorschach_15

Charli Kanupp: @iitscharli