In this episode of Overcast Clint, Nick and Charli are joined by Stephen Cady. We discuss David Cage's relationship to Nick Cage and the fact that he thinks LA Noire's facial cap sucks.

Also, LA Noire in a film festival?! Crazy.

Megaman Universe canceled. We could hear Tim Turi's cry from across the country.
We also talk about the recent slew of layoffs and the insane legal battle brewing between Ubisoft and THQ.
Then we introduce our new segment call Cross Cut where we discuss film and television along with trying to introduce Charli to movies since she doesn't know what a Flux Capacitor is.

After that we go into Facebook Feedback where we answer questions about sequels, remakes and frustrating games.... OH MY!

Our top ten list this week is Top Ten Movie Licensed Video Games.

....Disclaimer: We may have missed some bleeps. Sorry, won't happen again.

Hope you enjoy!