Since the beginning of online gaming everyone has had their favorite moments of victory, moments of laughter with friends, moments of sheer embarrassment, and of course moments of good old competitive fun. However just like everything else online not every moment is a good time and sometimes it may even be considered awful, awkward, offensive, or may even keep you from ever getting back online. Either way here is my top 10 worst people to play with online, enjoy!

10) The Significant Other - Just as the title suggest are number 10 spot goes to your friend that is constantly getting harassed by his/her significant other or even worse yelling back. I would like to also include the buddy that has to constantly get up to do something every other match and has you back out to the lobby to wait or doesn't bother telling you he/she left and is just standing still in a match helping the other team score with an easy kill. Although as much as I dislike everything I mentioned I would be lying if I didn't admit that sometimes I have a sick interest in soaking up others drama.

9) The Noob - There really is no reason to hate someone new to a game, but I think we can all admit that it can suck when your team gets stuck with the new guy. Another great example is when you get the new guy that is trying out hardcore mode for the first time on your team and is killing you and your team with every other shot and yes at that moment "The Noob" sucks. My only words of advice to any players that are starting a new multiplayer game is to learn the basics and maybe even do some practice rounds with bots or friends.

8) Chatty Cathy - Long before the beauty of party chat most avid multiplayer fans had to endure the beautiful sounds and melodies of the Chatty Cathy. The Chatty Cathy is that one guy or gal that just wont shut up and feels the need to go on and on about everything besides the actual game he/she is playing. On a side note it seems the younger they are the louder and more talkative they are.

7) Noob Tuber - These people suck!

6) Clan Members - Although I have nothing against clan teams, but for anyone who has played any mainstream FPS should be familiar with the clan tag. Clan teams are mostly troublesome for the non-functioning teams or that random team you jump into when playing solo and your team is pitted against a full clan team(to make matters worse the team is full of eight year olds that are freaky good).

5) Mr. Static - I would say Mr. Static and Chatty Cathy are relatively the same, but I find Mr. Static much more annoying. Mr. Static is summed up as the player that has a constant stream of either loud buzzing, music, beeping, television, or maybe even a vacuum playing through their mic. Whatever the loud and obnoxious sound coming from your mic is please dispose of all devises that allow you to communicate with others only because we hate you.

4) Laggers -  I honestly have no proof of this unsportsmanlike conduct of tactics, but apparently it is possible for one to unplug their LAN connection and than plug it right back in to somehow get an advantage over other players. Real or not this method sounds like complete BS.

3) The Jerk or The Virus - Nothing against Steve Martin. I refer to the jerk being a virus for the fact that like a virus this gamer has infected every multiplayer game around the world. This person is the biggest reason most people are unable to enjoy playing with random people online. This gamer will plague your ears with racial slurs, constant obscenities, gay bashing, and a complete lack of any respect to the fellow gamer. These gamers are absolutely the worse and should be my number one slot, but thanks to party chat and the good old mute button we can all rejoice a little.

2) Team Killers - Most likely if you've played and of the Call of Duty multiplayer games on hardcore you've probably been a victim to a team killer and know this type of gamer all to well. This is the low life that will purposely kill other teammates until he/she is booted from the match. This to me is completely unacceptable and these players are lucky that they only get booted from the match. Bring the hammer!

1) Cheaters - Finally we end with my number one pick and that of course is cheaters. For those of you who aren't familiar with my Milli Vanilli picture please web search them for my cheaters reference. Anyways, back to everyone's favorite individual to play against. This gamer will take advantage of all possible game exploits, from leaving the map only to shoot you undetected, to level boosting, or climbing the leaderboards with some ridiculous score that was achieved in five minutes. Those are just some examples of the degree these gamers will go to cheat you and the game and sorry guys and gals but this is not how you play the game. If you feel the need to cheat to win, than you are obviously missing the point of competitive gaming and should find a new hobby. Besides most gamers would gladly admit that they consider cheaters nothing but skill lacking turd nuggets and the cyber world would be better without you.

Anyways, thanks for your time I hope you enjoyed my list and lets hope that maybe the next generation of consoles help get rid of some of these online nuisances or maybe the current generation grows up!