ARK: Survival Evolved will soon have a new cousin in town. The spin-off called 'Ark Park,' is a virtual reality exploration adventure game developed by Snail/Peacock Studio is expected to be released next month.

In this game, players begin in a visitor center of a theme park (reminiscent of Jurassic Park), surrounded by life-sized, holographic dinosaurs. From what is shown in the trailers, the game does feel pretty immersive with it's well-rendered artwork and atmospheric ambient sounds. Even though we're about one month out from the expected release date, there is still little known about the game.

But there are some things which are clear:

  • This game will feature both fictitious creatures from the ARK universe along with those from reality, such as the Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • The game allows us to get up close and personal with the dinosaurs
  • It will have both single player and online multiplayer.
  • There will be 10 gorgeous maps to traverse.
  • Gameplay will involve gene collecting, dinosaur breeding, a battle mode, and multiplayer tours.


As mentioned on the ARK Park official website, players will be able to collect 'Gene Fragments' from the creatures they encounter at the theme park. These fragments are used for unlocking crafting blueprints as well as new maps. 

Whilst collecting Gene Fragments might sound like a chore, the website did announce that collecting them all will require a puzzle solving skills, fast reflexes, a keen eye and resource management skills.

Along with gene collecting, the game will also include dinosaur breeding, bringing one of the cool features from the original ARK game Survival Evolved. Dinosaur breeding involves collecting/incubating eggs, feeding them and watching them grow up, then finally being able to ride on them.

One of the common complaints from players of the ARK fanbase was that it was a grind to reach endgame where the game becomes fun and players would end up destroying other people's bases whilst they were offline, resulting in them having to restart their progress.This made players avoid playing on the official servers. They had to find a private server just to avoid the griefers. Hopefully ARK Park won't run into the same issues.  

Along with the main gameplay, there is also a battle mode where friends can get together to defend their base from terrorizing dinosaurs, using weapons they craft during their exploration of the park. Strategically selecting the right weapons from melee, ranged and specialized weapons will help the player to overcome the level.

Finally, there is also a mode to tour the park with friends and capture moments with a virtual camera. This mode can also be used for brainstorming ideas and searching for easter eggs together.

Overall, ARK Park is a big name game with lots of potential to shake up the VR world. Whether it succeeds or not, it's a game worth checking out if you're an ARK fan.