This is a list of Nintendo’s mistakes and how they won’t listen to our words about it .i will not include earthbound and Mario 2 because I already did a blog on them.







Nintendo made one of the best games ever- kirby64. Kirby64 was not like other kirby games... it was better. The gimmick of the game was that kirby could mix powers and there were A LOT of powers! Another cool thing is that kirby was looking for 74 I think crystal shards like in Mario 64 which made the game a bit harder then other kirby games. The last 2 epic things is that the story was not epic but acceptable. Finally the mini games were epic. The problem was that Nintendo did not make any more kirby games like this and did not stick to the idea of this epic game.






Nintendo did not make ninja bread man but they let it be on the wii what the- how could they do this to us. For a full review of ninja bread man on my other blog- ninja bread man vs ET [the game] worst game ever.






nintendo had the BEST music in there games hands down so when Nintendo made wii music the game should have had good music! But no the game had bad graphics, music and controls that ranged from too simple to too complex. The game had only 5 Nintendo songs. In ssbb I always love to listen to the epic Nintendo songs so why don’t they take the epic songs and put them in this game! I mean twinkle, twinkle little star WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!