the movie fanboys follows the story of 5 starwars fanboys. the main plot is the one of the fanboys has cancer and not much time to live! as a gift his friends and him try to break into skywalker ranch and steal the first starwars trilogy movie. the movie takes place in Ohio before star wars trilogy 1 came out. lets pause. if you are a star track fan do not watch this movie! this movie makes fun of star track A LOT the movie expands that the star wars and star track fans hate each other! if you are a star wars, zelda, indiana jones, nintendo, or comic book fan you will like this movie. in the movie we learn one of the fanboys beat all of the zelda games nintendo ever made O_0! wow that is A LOT of hard games! the fanboys own a comic book shop [one of them does not, he is a car sails man]. my fav part is when one of the fanboys- windows learns his online girlfriend is a 10 year old girl then her father beats windows up!