for many years the old ATARI game E.T. was known as the worst game ever. a few years ago a new game came out that might steal the tittle of worst game. this game is known as ninja bread man. this double review will say which is worse so let'a go!

E.T review: many years ago in the NES ages a game-E.T. came out based on the movie E.T. this game made gamers say "E.T. go home and never come back!" the game was simple... well at least it had a simple plot. E.T. is stuck on earth and needs to leave [like the memories of the game]. E.T. needs to findparts of a telephone to call his space ship and leave. you play as E.T. you fall into holes to find the parts. this looks simple but it is not because when you try to get out you will get pulled back in most of the time. the game has a time limit which makes it drain your time when you enter a hole. then there are bad guys who steal your pieces and kidnap you. this game did not have to be bad , it was not ATARI's fault! you see ATARI games were usually made in 3-

4 months, and about 300,000 would be made at first. but this game called for 6 weeks, and asked for 5,000,000 copys to be made at first mama mea!

: 1/10

Ninja bread man review: this game was a big epic fail for 1 reason, it was UNPLAYABLE! the game was about a fighting ninja bread man... who fights in a ginger bread land. WHAT KIND OF A LAME STORY IS THAT?! next lets look at the graphics. the textures and graphics were ugly compared to other wii games! next lets look at controls. the nunchck was pulled up and down to jump making it hard to use. in fact all of controls were broken! next the game play. the camera was always fighting you! another bad thing is the foes they had too much HP. it would take all of your HP to kill one, and there were no level ups to help you. as i said befor the jumping controls were broken, THE GAME WAS A JUMPING PUZZLE GAME! this game is unplayable and should go home with E.T. forever! the thing that ticked me off the most is not in the game. there is a group of people working for Nintendo who play the games to make sure they were playable and good for the wii. they must have been super high and drunk to approve this game. luckaly i always keep my "wii barf bag" just incase a game like this comes out. you can get your own wii barf bag for 10$ at nintendo's web site!