hi gamers today we will compare 2 movies that were both based on the Mario bros. let’s start with the Mario bros movie. You see when gamers heard about a new video game we go crazy but when we here about a video game movie some of us wet our paints! When the Mario bros movie came out everyone went crazy- now this was a long time ago when we would rarely see a video game movie. Now the people went crazy entered the movie theater and came out pissed only the little kids who had no clue who Mario was were happy and theses were very few. i rented this movie a year ago and was mad too. The biggest problem was there were 2 directors and it seems neither of 'em never played a Mario game. You see the movie took place in Brooklyn were the Mario bros used to live. they were plumbers. Now let’s pause for a sec and look at a problem. Luigi is like 25 in the movie and Mario is like 50! there are supposed to be twins! And they were born in an egg well that killed all laws of science! The Mario bros are mammals and the only mammals who lay eggs are platypuses so the Mario bros are platypuses!? ok this movie is just getting bad and gets much worse. the entire movie took place in Brooklyn not the mushroom kingdom! There was no princess peach, no koopas, no goombas, no shy guys, no nothing! but there was a character that was supposed to represent princess p. there was a villain in this movie all movies have bad guys if it those not you are watching a baby movie or a documentary [i have nothing agenst documenters]. The Villon was known as "koopa" as in king koopoa browser! But pause right there this was not the browser we know of! this is a mutant dinosaur thing! mama mea what did all this stuff even had to do with the mario bros? this movie was an epic fail gamers gave it a 1/5. This was the first of many bad video game movies.

now the Mario anima movie was very different. but let’s go over something real fast before i review this. this was only relisted in Japan. but you can still watch it on you tube in an English translation. this movie was actually surprisingly very good. the story was simple. the Mario bros live in Brooklyn. Mario watches TV and sees princess p come out of the TV followed by koopas gommbas and other Mario villains. Browser follows. browser [in this movies known as koppa] snatches peach and re-enters the TV. This is a bit weird but it gets better. the Mario bros find a tube portal to the mushroom kingdom and embark on an epic quest to save the princess! this movie has epic Japanese sound tracks that will stick in your head. the ending has a twist and the whole plot is like a game from the " Mario RPG serous"  the bros fall in a few traps here and there. this movie is not a block buster but still OK. if you are a Mario fan you should watch this movie.