#1: my fav song ever- the mi ya hi song [numa numa] a fun fast party song about art line: mi ya hi mi ya ho my ya ha my ya haha hello solute it's me your duke and i made something real to show yiu how i feel! hello hello it's me picaso i will pait my words of love with name on every wall. when you leave my collars fade to gray. now i paint every day numa numa numa yay!

#2 SCATMAN!!: fan epic fast crazy song that makes you dance! Line: skabe didby dibby dobdy I'M A SCAT MAN!!!111 ba da ba de bab dob do do do da skiby diby yo da da da skibydy do - the cool uneducable song line: goe'a make you bend and break, say your prayer but let the good times roll  incase god does not show now who does he think he is if you think that’s the worst he is put your fingers behind you. so thx for the memories. I’m looking to the future but my eyesight is going bad and i keep looking into these crystal balls!

 #3:  thx for the memoriesor the memores: 

#4: scat man's world: the sequel to scat man! line: ba baby bobo be bo ba bo ba ba I’m calling out from scat land I’m calling out from scat man's world and if you want to break free you got ‘a Liston to me! You got to learn to sing in your fantasy! everyone can compete but how can someone win if someone lose!

#5: mama mea: it's not only Mario’s catch phrase it is also a famous song based on the play/movie "mama mea"  and no it has NOTHING TO DO WITH MARIO! line: mama mea  now i really know i shove have not ‘a let you go! mama mea here i go agean! my my how could i resest you! Mama mea does it show again- how i miss you! Yes I’ve been broken hearted ever since the day we partied mama mea!