Been awhile sinc ive done a blog so i said why not sonic the hedgehog

Sonic…………the hedgehog….what is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear that name. My ranting about my love of the series *as am a fanboy*, the old genesis games, the new 3D games, the ova movie? or the sonic adventure series. Whatever the case one thing will always stand. He’s simply sonic.  Sonic games have come, fallin, and come back up many times over the past decade. Many gamers think most that sonic the hedgehog has lost most his luster by taking away the speed from old games. But I state this. Since when has any sonic game *save sonic r and sasr* been about speed. Sonic 1 had small puzzles and gears you had to move and or stop for and wait to move, this continued through all the games.

 Sure a few levels will have parts where you can rush through but no one level is just straight running.  The original trio of games was and will always remain as the classic and building foundation of current sonic games.

With great bosses and great music these were the founding steps to Sonics future. But many harp over the cast of characters also. What Mario has just as many friends as sonic does and no one complains. The only dumb character imo is big the cat. I mean really fishing in a sonic game?

and i still love SA2 Battle