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Xbox live vs PSN *the roundabout battle of fate*


Hmm not sure why i used that title anywho time for another blog

Todays issue shall be on a recent disscussion over which is better. Xbox live or the playstation network. While i have both systems heres on reason i  pick the playstation network over xbox live. no ill list what both have


Has cross game chat *which is great*

can do video chats

can send messages

compare achievments

has netflix

great arcade lineup

can play online with your friends

*please note all the above features i listed require you to pay for the gold account* and please dont use the excuse of tournaments and stuff more than likely if it isnt a fps *which is about the only reason most play the system* is for a football game*mostly america to.*

Playstation network

Has online play

no cross game chat *thats why yahoo im was invented*


compare trophies

a great store lineup of  a vast amount of ps1 games *japan only* i mean really the ps1 lineup is like x8 of what america has

the playstation home. *hmm am not sure why some dont like it. i loved the idolmaster concert they had for the psh though yet again in japan*but america got sodium one. which i loved missing drinks.ahem anyway

send messages to friends

all the features above are for free*except for the store ps1 games and dlc. silly people you know you have to pay for those.

also many state about the psn premium. if they end up using it, it would be mostly for cross game chat and earlier access to demos and a few more things

Now ill give xbox that it has a more vast community but mostly cause of its launching first and the lineup of shooters sold on the system. really thats all that sells for the system basically. sure a few will be on other games but most continue for the shooters. which is fine but if thats all you use to back why the systems better its not much to go on. tournaments should be on any game with competive live ablitles and not just a game where you shoot stuff all day.

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