Well to many cosplay is only for people who dont know when halloween ends.  This is not true. cosplay is actually much more fun than many may think. though i would recommend only doing it for a special photoshoot you have planned or conventions. Here are a few tidbits to help you get started

1. Work on your costume

If any thing work on them more than 3 days. Really at conventions its not rare to see people run in with something they found laying around thier closet and not taking the time to actually work on it. While many will use the saying "as long as am having fun it shouldnt matter" if thats the case than all for it. But if your actually trying to mimic a character or be taken serious than really put some work into your outfit.

2.Try to find a character your like

Dont just jump into a character you think is popular but find one that you like and can connect with. Its important so you can get the feel of the character also dont abuse a character to much. Such if your a bigger person dont try to cosplay someone skinny. or if you flat chested dont go in trying to cosplay a big busted character.

3. Know about the character and thier poses

This is one of the biggest issues. you can have a nice costume but know nothing about the character or any of the stances they take. Other con goers can spot out this type of cosplayer from 4 feet away *see what i did there* but learn, read about, whatever it takes learn about your character.

4. Still Bathe

Really even if your in costume take baths every night. cause you will get hot. and you will stink. i cannot begin to tell you the smells i have smelled over the years.

And all in all still have fun but take it serious if you actually plan to get pics taken and glomped by people. people wont glomp what they dont like.