10.E-101 Beta

He was a great villian but in truth was not all that bad. He simply wanted to best his brother gamma. Yet was defeated time and time again. He gets put on the list for the suicide attack that killed both him and his brother gamma at the end of gammas story line.

9. Biolizard.

Shadows *older* brother and main villian of Sonic adventure 2*great game* A giant lizard how knows how to harness choas control just like shadow. Though he really didnt do anything to evil *except sticking a giant space station in his butt and trying to sucide run into the planet. He died in the end via shadow and sonic warping him away i suppose.....cause the game didnt do a good job explaing where is body went

8. Merlina

Yet not really bad but she wanted her kingdom to last for ever so turned evil for a little while to try and defeat sonic. Then she was going to let her kindom stay beautiful and therefor last forever so it would stay that way.

7. Mecha Sonic

No not metal sonic the other one lol. Mecha sonic *many younger sonic fans my not know of him* he was one of the villans from sonic 3 and knuckles.  He had all of sonics moves and could even use some of eggmans attacks ships. What puts him on the list is he is the only robot villan in the game shown to be able to obtain a super form from the master emerald *my birthstone* He is later defeated and plunges into the ocean below. it is never stated if he dies or not.

6. Choas

A liquid h2o villan. Im suprised sonic was able to even hurt him but alias he was by stricking choas exposed brain.  A powerful water god thing that lived in the master emerald he was mad at the world for killing his little choa buddies so tried to destroy the world. Super sonic took him down in the end.

5. Super Sonic

Surprised....dont be if you read the books super sonic is evil.  In one sonic and super sonic split and it is revealed that super sonic is mad at sonic for always holding back and not using all of his powers. He then tries to destroy two moons on a planet to cause the tides to shift and kill everyone but sonic stops him.  Then super sonic proceeds to beat the living crap out of sonic but disipates as he ran out of time *as always*

4. Eggman

Yea hes a ok villian but hes still yet to beat sonic.....maybe....just maybe one day lol. But he always seems to base his final forms *mech wise* in  the 3d games on dragons...why....am not sure but regardless there always a thrill to fight

3. Dark Gaia

He has a freaking row of teeth the size of a football field...nuff said somewhat

2. Metal Sonic

Close to one but not close enough metal sonic hates sonic so much he even went as far to copy ablities of others to defeat him *which was a great skill* he was also shown to be able to talk in sonic heros but after his defeat it seems eggman took the ablity away from him and now serves eggman fully. But the skill set to follow sonic via speed, and use his attack set shows hes a great villan and i hope he comes back one day.

dum dum bwa dum

1. Mephiles The Dark

The omega the supreme greatest villain in the sonic universe ever filled with some many loopholes and plot holes its annoying to even try to discuss if hes still alive. But hes number one just cause of his powers. which include shapeshifting, time travel, using to powers of the emeralds to go super, and last but not least is the only villain to ever kill sonic.......at least for a bit but no the less a great villan. and i hope he comes back one day.