I have been racking my brain on what to write about lately. Hitting level five on this website is... well, kind of a big deal. What should I write about that ah meh peeps here at GIO would enjoy as my first entry at said level? I noticed the rising popularity of ten questions. But how could I make that original enough for me to get into it? Then I was introduced to Forming. (Que Halo music)

I won't lie friends, I was hooked into hearing about the web comic Forming from my curiosity and love of Adventure Time. I used that same tactic to get you here. And it is going to be bombtastic. 

Jesse is the storyboard artist from Adventure Time and the artist behind the web comic Forming. Best way to tell you about him would be to quote his website.

"Jesse Moynihan grew up outside of Philadelphia where he spent most of his time drawing and playing music. In 1997 he dropped out of Pratt Institute, got a film degree at Temple University and decided to concentrate on comics. His work has been featured in The Believer, MOME, Vice, Arthur, the Philadelphia Weekly, and various independent anthologies. In 2005 he received a Xeric grant for self publishing. In 2009 he released his first graphic novel, Follow Me through Bodega. His current mystical, sci-fi epic, Forming is published by Nobrow Press in London. Jesse works as a storyboard artist for the Cartoon Network show, Adventure Time."

My interview will mainly focus on Forming. I emailed back and forth with Jesse and he was willing to take some time and answer ten questions for me.

Here we go.

First off, most people reading this haven't yet experienced the awesomeness of Forming. How would you describe it to said people and what motivated you to start this series?

Forming is about ancient astronauts, the vital/cosmic energy contained in all beings, and a bunch of naked characters beating each other up and having revelations. I'm trying to make something funny and awesome that traces the questions/beliefs I've been mulling over for the past decade.

What did you use to make these epic panels?

 Ah! Just messing. Like many web comics though, you do have a comment section. Did you know from the start that you wanted to include that? How has that affected the series for you?

I was a bit skeptical of the comments section at first- fearing that it would become uncontrollable and ugly, but so far it's been really great. I've made some cool friends through the comments section. I couldn't really imagine doing an online comic without comments, right? Getting feedback from people keeps me motivated. Sometimes I fear the interaction might create expectations from certain readers, but most of the time, it feels like a healthy exchange of, "Good episode dude" "Thanks dude".

Who is your personal favorite character in Forming and why? Mine is Atys...

Don't judge me.

That's cool man, I like Atys a lot. Atys is the self destructive underdog: The dude who thinks the world is *** him, but he is *** himself. He's the part of me that I've tried to abandon as I've grown up, but I also have a soft spot for him. I really feel sympathy for that kind of guy.

My personal favorite character might be Nommo. Nommo is every creative person I know, and myself. Creatives in America have a special role of being mostly useless to everyone. The government should be subsidizing artists so they don't have to screw everything up at their jobs and get in the way of people who can organize a business. I don't know what I'm saying. I'm sort of joking. Sort of. I remember working at a pizza shop when I was in high school. I just couldn't do it. The whole time I was like, "What the *** is this? These people hate me. They want to fire me as fast as possible. I can't figure out how to abbreviate 'pizza with sausage'." That's how I've felt at every job I've ever worked at. I think this answer got away from me.

You also work on the Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. How hard has it been to manage working on the show and Forming?

It's hard to do both and sometimes I think it's killing my health. Recently I got strep throat, then a cold, then a nasal infection. I was out for 2 months. I get really stressed out by the work load. It's ok though. What else am I gonna do? Move to Hawaii and work on a farm? That would kill me in a different way. Maybe not. Maybe it would be awesome. Well anyway, I need to be more disciplined about going to sleep at a proper time. I think that will help.

Has Forming influenced your work for Adventure Time or has it been the other way around?

It's hard for me to tell how much I'm being influenced by Adventure Time. I'm too close to it. There's definitely some exchange going on, but I'm not sure where or in what direction. I sure do think about the show a lot. All the time, that thing is on my mind. I'm on vacation right now and I can't stop thinking about it.

On your website, http://jessemoynihan.com/ (hint, hint guys!), you have some pretty fantastic stuff on there, but one thing I noticed is that you are quite the music connoisseur. What are some bands or songs you would recommend to listen to while reading Forming?

I can recommend bands, but I don't read and listen to music at the same time. One time I made a comic that I timed out to Eric Satie's "Three Gymnopedies". My friend Tom Herpich read it and said it sort of worked. My Old-Man-Music-Connoisseur thing has gotten so out of hand these days. Basically I listen to all embarrassing old-man smooth-prog music: stuff my teenage self would hate me for. Do you ever wonder to yourself, "Are there any other bands that sound like Supertramp?" That's been my ongoing search for the past few years. Bands that sound simliar to Supertramp. Don't judge me man. I think hard about this ***. I care about music more than almost anything. That's why I am able to find what's good about Phil Collins era Genesis. "Duke" is my favorite Genesis album. I know I'm supposed to like "Foxtrot", but "Duke" is a triumph.

Considering this is a gaming website, do you play any video games?

I've been pretty non-committal about video games in recent years. I have a Wii. I like Zelda. I like Final Fantasy but I've never beaten any of them. I hate grinding. I think Ico and Shadow Of Colossus are the best games ever made. I might buy a PS3 if that Last Guardian game ever comes out.

Are you going to play the Adventure Time game that is coming out on the 3DS?

I have a DS in a storage facility in Philadelphia. It belongs to my friend Brandon. I would love to play the Adventure Time game. Maybe I'll borrow someone else's 3DS.

After people get hooked on the series that you offer, FOR FREE, on your website, how can we get our hands on the hardback edition?

You can get it at www.nobrow.net or on Amazon. It looks better in print.


Thanks a billion for doing this interview! Is there anything you would like to say to the GIO community?

I typed all these answers in bed, around 1AM. I'm hitting the send button and I hope I don't come off like an idiot.

Guys, I am a huge fan and you will be too, make sure to check out Jesse's website and get a crash course on how the world was formed. I would like to thank Jesse again for doing this interview at 1 AM for me. I know my readers loved it and so, all thats left is... messyFishstick, out.