Recently I've gone back to a few games that I set aside earlier this year.  For one reason or another I ended up shelving the games for a rainy day.  Maybe I had too much on my plate at the time or found a deal that was just too good pass up and nabbed something with the intention of saving the experience.  Then there's always the occasion when something doesn't grab me right away or starts to drag after a while and I just find myself wanting to play something else.  Whatever the reason I know that coming back to games is something that I've done a lot of and I bet I'm not alone.  

I just got to thinking the other day about what constitutes starting a game over after not playing it for a while.  Truthfully, of the several games I have gone back to in the last few weeks none of them required me to start fresh.  It still got me wondering though.  

I suppose there are a lot of factors that a gamer must consider when debating about restarting a game.  How long has it been since I've actually played it?  How important is the story and how much of it do I actually remember?  How far did I get and how much time and effort is it going to take to re-familiarize myself with the controls and gameplay systems?  All of these and more are what gamers have to consider when determining how to re-approach a shelved title. 

I know there is no rule of thumb but I would very much be interested in hearing what the community has to say on the topic.  I'd also love to hear some of the games you guys have put aside, gone back to, and either loved or hated being reunited with.  My recent experiences have been positive.  I've already beaten one of the games and am making steady progress in another.  

Any discussion would be appreciated and thanks so much for reading!