I've noticed a strange problem in my gaming recently.  I seem to be intimidated by open world games.  I began playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (yes I know I am way behind) a few months back and I was really enjoying it.  After making decent progress for a while I started playing less and less and then the next thing I knew I wasn't putting the game in at all.  Since that time I have started playing many other things and what do you know?  One of them happens to be another ambitious open world experience!  The Saboteur is a very well done attempt at trying something different with the World War II genre and I was having a blast with it.  Even so, I sadly haven't popped in the game in at least three weeks now.

This got me thinking.  What is it with open world games that makes it hard for me to continue playing them before I can even get half way through?  Don't get me wrong, I like the genre and am constantly impressed by how deep developers go into creating interesting worlds for gamers to get lost in.  It's also definitely not a question of having enough time to devote to them because I actually do have quite a lot of time for gaming.  For some reason it's always just easier for me to pop in something less "intimidating" and start having fun right away, even if it's extremely linear and predictable.  

So since beginning and abandoning both previously mentioned games I have beaten two much shorter (but still immensely enjoyable) experiences.  I got Halo 4 on release day and quickly buzzed through its campaign.  I have also sunk countless hours into the incredibly polished multiplayer component.  I then received Modern Warfare 3 (again I know I am behind) as a Christmas gift and quickly beat its campaign.  I am also still hopelessly addicted to Rock Band 3 even though that game is far from new as well.  

So right there are three games that I have devoted much of my gaming time to while ignoring the two larger experiences that I shoved aside prior to even receiving them.  The thing is that all three of these games are not really new experiences for me either.  I already own every Halo, Call of Duty, and Rock Band game and while these latest installments are great additions to their respected franchises, they are definitely not unique experiences for me like The Saboteur was.  

Maybe I am just being a lazy gamer because whenever I get home from work I find myself going to the tried and true experiences of playing some Halo 4 matchmaking or doing some expert guitaring/drumming in Rock Band 3.  I know gaming is not a chore.  It is my favorite hobby and I owe it to myself to have new experiences that will be memorable to me going forward.  I also know that completing the more ambitious titles will come with a greater sense of accomplishment and I will feel great after doing so, much more so than beating all eight of Halo 4's campaign missions or all four hours of Modern Warfare 3's.  

One more thing.  A few of my friends have really been into Skyrim recently and they've been relentless in bugging me to pick up the game.  I know that the scope of this Elder Scrolls title is way larger than both Brotherhood and Saboteur so there is no way I am sinking my feet into that water until I free up some space from my backlog.  I know I will love Skyrim whenever I do get around to playing it but I really need to focus on the other games that I have already begun.  

I am confident I will get back to those games eventually and there are definitely many more that I have neglected that I won't turn my back on forever.  One day I'm sure I will pop both of those titles back in and immediately get hooked like before.  I just hope that when that does happen I will stick with them until the credits roll.  I did manage to beat Red Dead Redemption last year and had every intention of playing the Undead Nightmare DLC but of course I never got around to it.

I would love to hear if anyone else in the community suffers from this problem.  If so, does it bother you as much as it is bothering me or is it an acceptable part of our hobby?  What are your suggestions on how to become not so lazy with gaming habits?  Maybe there is another genre that you have trouble with?  I look forward to hearing any comments anyone has on this subject.