well now, ive certainly been away long enough to have forged and concocted brand new and amazing adventures to share  havent i? u would think that but the truth is not so real. 2009 is done, and here we r in the dawning of a year that amazes me everytime i think about it. and in it, yes, i do have a bit of story to tell u. for starters, i had a near fatal injury last december. just days before christmas, i had a huge chunk of my wrist cut out because i was trying to help my mother get her car out of an ice patch, i was pressing on the headlight, the headlight broke, my hand went through it and it pretty much gutted me like a fish. it was as if Kratos himself came out of nowhere with the blades of chaos and tried to take me out. that was all on the 21st of december 2009, it didnt take the paramedics long to arrive, maybe 3 or 4 minutes, but that was the scariest 3 or 4 minutes of my life. it seemed like 3 or 4 hours. blood was pouring, my mother was praying and giving birth to an ulcer at the same time while simultaneously on the phone with 911, sum navy guy came across the street and opened up a can of awesomeness on me, he grabbed a shirt we had in the car and got all battlefield medic on my hide lol. luv that guy, never got his name though:(. thank God for him though. thank God for the medics who wisked me away. never got their names either:(. and when im at the hospital for a good 3 hours before im seen, a blood clot formed and burst while i was on the table waiting. if any of u know anything about blood clots, u know that those things can and will kill u. thank the Lord it did, oh yea and there was this really cute docter who really made me almost lose my peace and curse her out like witch on a voodoo doll when she came in seeing me bleedind and she wants "personal information". mind u im getting weak, my mothers about to forget that she's a christian about the whole matter and ring sum necks because shes a nurse of 30 years (thank GOD for that as well, she was awesome with the navy dude) and she's just seeing faults.

 ugh, long long, looooooong story later i get tranferred to another hospital sum time after that, and get operated on. im out for like 6 or 7 hours, wake up with my hand in a cast and fiberglass fittings, i took pics btw and ill upload them at sum point in a later blog, but im telling u i looked like sumthing out of transformers mixed with a bio-modded arm. i wouldnt have minded a bio-mod now that i think of it:P, but anyway. yea i was hospitalized for like 2 or 3 days, out in time for christmas eve and christmas morning. what did i get for christmas morning? ummm MY LIFE! lol i was alive bruhs and bras, i still had my wrist, it was numb but i still had it. the docter said i severed 9 tendons and 1 artery. lol nice. i didnt get a ps3 or a 360 or even a marshmellow launcher, but i got my life ppl, LIIIIIIIFFFFEEEE MUUAAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHHAAEWRUYUYIUTTGQQW3554EGVFGFHHFXHHAHAAHA! and in that, im thankfull, u have no idea. new years day i was on my knees thanking the Lord for another year and for all thats coming with it. i cried. sumthing i hadnt done in many a year. and u know what, it felt good afterwards. really. sooooo much more that i could tell u, but thatll be for another blog perhaps. the nutts is back snitches!!! and im getting this cast off tomorrow OOT OOT lol, cant wait to see it, havent seen my hand in over 2 weeks, i miss it tenderly. missed u guys and girls! OWWWW!