CHRISTMAS SNICHES!!! its almost time for christmas and i gotta tell u, im so not ready this year. i havent been able to afford anything in the gift department for any of my friends, which sucks, or family, which is just low. now i know ur saying to urself "oh ur sum kind of butt dragger whos waiting for a hand out huh?", and to answer that positively without being thrown off this site for like forver, no, im not. what i am however is more determined than i have ever been to make next year just that much better for myself and my mother. Lord knows she deserves a better one. its hard out here, it really is this time of year and alot of ppl r going to go without this christmas. i know a few off hand.

to all my ppl on here who r going to be going through the "dont have the money to buy the honey this year" blues, i got one word of encouragement for u. stay positive and stay focused on making next year better, if u have to go back to school to do it, do it, whatever it takes. no one should be without this time of year, and yet so many ppl r and will be. i know its rough, and its cold, and u havent shaved in weeks(im looking at sum of u chicks on that one too), but stick it out my ppls. next year holds the potential to make everything better, it really does. dont give up. Merry Christmas to u all and be thankful for what u do have. much luv.