ok so im happy to say The Nutts is back in the game with a renewed membership to GI mag, yea i stated a few blogs ago that i went ahead and did it, but sum things came up and i wasnt able to just yet, but officially last night, i got 'er done. with that i was given an issue that i already had for the month of december as u normally get when u renew, but i got a different cover, the GTA 4 cover, number 2 of 8 i think, anyway, as i read it i ran through the Top 200 list compiled by the GI staff and i noticed a few that i would have said belonged and sum that i didnt see at all that i would have said yes to as well. most notably missing from the list is The Legend of the Dragoon.

 yes Dart, im baffled too.

now dont get me wrong, this title really didnt change or reinvent the game of rpgs by a long shot, but it at least was ambitious to pursue(follow) franchises like FF7 and a whole slew of them at that time. it had a decent story, a colorful cast of characters, and sum catchy fight music. so why didnt this title make the list? and futhermpre, why hasnt there been a sequel? it was a good game.

or how about this one, do u remember Black? i remember Black, a game that was more ahead of its time than most at that time. as far as graphics on the PS2 were concerned.

 sadly the game was plagued with nuances that just burned me up everytime i played it, no multiplay to be heard of and it was rife with potential. a game in my opinion deserving of a do-over and a sequel, and also, a spot on the list.

there r others but im not going to debate them here, but the list is still debatable as it is, even in its already published form. but why werent these added GI, and why arent the proper sequels being made? i wanna know!!