again with another list, luv it or hate it, its coming! this list covers my top picks of dudes with potential in their talent. i mean these guys boggle the mind with what they can do, and here they r,

Revolver Mother Freakin Ocelot!!!!

he was a baaaaaad man when we first met him in Metal Gear Solid. this guy could richocet bullets off of hard surfaces! can u imagine fighting this guy in a warzone and being picked apart from around the freaking corner thanks to his revolver and sum almost scary skill of sending hot lead to u from almost any angle. seriously baaad man.


nevermind this guys obvious talent, can u imagine the eating habit of such a man as this? seriously, put his lard loins in a eat off and see who makes it fom the table alive. the Kingpins talent cant just be for striking fear into the heart of ppl but striking fear into the cashiers of any fast food chain he visits. the guys a die hard at the food table im sure.


quite possibly the worse talent on my list this time comes from a seriously messed source and man, ive seen messed up, but jeeez. his talents come in very short form, whether talking about his height or his.... height.... BeetleJuice is a lunchbox full of "oh my Lord, why is that what that is?", his talents r obvious and i dont think i need to say that this man probably hasnt been laid in all of his life.

  Kimbooooo SLIIIICE!!!

i like ol' Kimbo Slice, the dudes a brawler, even though his last match was a flop, give him sum credit, at least he did make it that far. ive seen the dudes street vids, and man the dude was a killer no doubt, u had to respect him his talents were not just scary ppl away with his bearded neck but was for knocking dudes flat on their butts. he's supposed to be making a comeback, i hope so. but not as much as i hope he shaves at least.

Mr. President!!!

the guys a good talker, admit it, he had everyone fooled to sum degree. but alas, wheres the "change", wheres the opportunities for better jobs, wheres my nachos Mr. President!!! enough talk, this guys talents r just that, he can make an injection of syanide sound like a spa in the hamptons, but he cant back it up. still u have to give him credit, he did win the white house and all of its perks. but he's still not black.

Micheal Winslow!!!

many of u younger folk may not even know this guy, but let me tell u, the dude is funny. Micheal Winslow gains the list because of his ability to make sounds with his mouth that didnt even seem possible. google him the next time ur looking to laugh. also check out SpaceBalls and the Police Academy series.

and rounding out the list this time through iiiisss

Twinkie The Kid!!!!!

laugh if u wanna but this little son of a gun had me chuggin back twinkies for years, in an effort to sumhow gain his cylindral shape of Twinkawesomeness!! yes there was a time in my very young life that i wanted to be like the Twinkie. i wanted to smell like the Twinkie, walk, fart and talk like the Twinkie. dont u judge me!!.

anyway i hope u have injoyed the list this time, tune in next time when ill go over the five ppl i wanna punch in the face.