maybe u have known or ran into that gamer girl who is like madness behind a controller. i mean she can throw trash talk and headshots with the best of them. i have yet too but let me tell u sumthing, im so interested in this type of gamer. it boggles my central nervous system to the core at how many gamer chicks there r and how sum of them r as diehard as us guys. now if any female reader read this, please dont get the wrong message, i find it to be awesome to battle it out with a chick in halo or gran turismo, its just that, its sooooo new to me and so orgasmic to meet a chick who "plays games". i say it like that because i only know of one chick personally, who is into video games like i am, sadly shes on a wii and simply refuses to convert to the darkside of 360ism or ps3ism, ugh, but she games still, and she is deliciously awesome for that. i think we need sum more female gamers out there in the ranks to show us guys up, i think we need sum more trash talking chicks who know how to lead a clan of all female gamers right to the mlg, this is america aint it, no more with the dull mundane of guys only anything. bring pn the chicks!!!

truelly i give respect to female gamers, their in a tough crowd of not so forgiving gamers as it stands. for along time, and be sure to correct me if im wrong, this field of video games was thought to be and was a guy only experiment, with a few chicks in the shadows about their gaming life. but this is 2009 ppl. lets face it, chicks lurv to play video games, and their r sum sexy ones that do, need i bring up Olivia Munn, Layla Kayle among others, there r plenty of girl groups organized online at this moment and u know what, i say to them, welcome and its about time. whos with the nutts!