what the heck is this!!! i mean ive seen sum ridiculous crap in my time and ive seen sum obsurd knock offs before, but this, the "ZONE 40"? they couldnt do better than that? seems kinda desperate dont u think, i mean dont get me wrong i understand low income families = a deal for the kids compared the $199.99 of the real thing, but i mean come on, whats the quality if this things on a tv, really? maybe 2 or 3 hours of entertainment at best and then boredom sets in of it v.s. the countless hours of having the Nintendo Wii? look im not trying to be difficult, but parents get sum good jobs, dont let ur children have to endure a christmas morning present of this.... this.... thing when all of his or her friends r unwrapping wiis at the same time. i know what that feels like.