in case anyone is wondering or has ever wondered about me, i officially go by the name MegaNutts, with The Nutts being the abbreviated liking. why do i have part of a male genital as my name u may ask? well to keep it clean and civil for starters, no im not gay and yes i am a black guy, but dont assume just because im black that the stereotype rings true of me having a rather large body part. it might but im not basing my user on that. im just being a bit different in my own way. if u dont like that, deal. ok so with that out of the way, more about me for ur viewing inquiring.

im not a very serious guy, i dont take too much very seriously. lifes too short and theres enough going on in the world to be sad and depressed as it is. so im all for being happy and having fun. im a 24 year old gamer who is looking to extend that passion into sumthing tangible one day, sumthing that i can use to prject all the ideas swarming in my head for the next gen of gaming as we know it. ive said this in a previous blog that im gameless at the moment. as in i dont own any. but im working on that. im generally a funny guy, very relaxed, blessed and willing to tell any who would listen about it. let me see, what else? i guess i could say that my starting point in gaming came at the age of, oh heck i dont know ppl, look ive been playing for a long freaking time ok lol, seriously i cant remeber the age i started playing, but i can tell u that the Nintendo entertainment system was the first console i had. but that wasnt what hooked me. yea the nintendo was cool for its time but it didnt get me interested until the next gen after that came. im speaking of the Sega Freakin Genesis and Sonic the Freakin Hedgehog. now i was hooked! i had to play it everyday, i felt i had to or my liver would fall out or sumthing(dont u judge me, i was a kid). so i did. countless hours spent trying to get every bloody ring in every level ate up my young under developed life at that time. needless to say i moved on as the better systems came out. boy man i miss that system, it owned me.moving on and moving up though, i discovered handhelds very late in the discovery of my inner nerd. see, the gameboy had completley went under the radar for me, i skipped a whole freaking device that could have emmersed me even more in the game world in which i was in. can u guess where i wen after the Genesis? ill give u a hint, it the GameGear like a normal gamer, noooo i had to pick up sum crap way outta left field. the freaking R-Zone headset. what the duece is right lol. with its pupil incinerating red pixels that left the images in my eyes long after i played it!! ARRRG! but the premise of it was awesome, as most things r around the holidays for a kid whos fascinated with anything that beeped. anyway i had tossed that piece of crap within about a month. ugh. i dont even wanna think about it.

now that i seem to be getting back on track, i get my hands on a gameboy(the real handheld btw and ftw),lol no not this model, but u get my point. i had found the true reason i enjoyed gaming so much in this device. i mean real gaming on the go. super mario, pokemon, tetris just to name a few were all i played at those times remembering u had to have cables to play 2 players was so orgasmic when u finally found sumone who had them and the same game. now picking up from there i moved into the next gen of console. mind u i never got much out of the super nintendo that i couldnt get out of the sega genesis, so i never played it much. soo yea.... anyway the N64 came out and i was all over it lol, i had stats, i was "that" guy who knew about it lol.

omg does anyone really remember all the assorted flavors they had when this bloody system came out!!!!! it was like a freaking pack of starburst, in the homes of millions of americans!! so orgasmic it was in those times to have one of thes systems. goodness, good freaking times man. goooood freaking times.............. sorry i was having a moment there of reflection. the rumble pack, the countless nights and hours of Goldeneye 007, OOOOHHHHHH!!! LET ME INTERJECT!

  1. GOLDENEYE IS THE GREATEST FREAKING FPS...... EEEEEEEEVVVVVVVEEEEEERRRR. there is no debate, u will agree with the nutts!!! dont u deny it, Pierce Brosnan is watching u.

now on withe the regularly scheduled stroll down memory lane. next in line in my journey through that which will consume my life r 2 final systems that marked the end of my walk in the gamedom up until this point

 i dont care what anyone says, this system redefined  that which is gaming today. u cant deny this. Final Fantasy 7, the FF tactics series, Tekken series, the Street Fighter series among so many. the playstation was all i ever needed in gaming. and then came the flagship to one of the biggest freaaking companies in the world(but they still got owned) of course im talking about the Xboat

 lol sorry microsnuff loyalist for my bad grammar but yea this was my last system*cries*, and all i can say good about this system other than its online feature is............HALO..........good times indeed. so yea thats me. wanna know more? ask.