now let us tak a moment to look at the eating habits of a gamer who is in it for the long hauled weekend ahead. one must be worried with formality or paper napkins but the old wornout shirt that has all the names of his friends signatures on it from high schools graduation on it. said shirt should be used to remove an sauce or drink that doesnt make it into the mouth for whatever reason. my suggestions for "proper" gamer liquid fuelization r as follows


and the fan favorite

now, onto the food itself. no compromise should be given to the "proper" eating and refueling of the raving gamer. keep it simple and fatty, with lots of sugar. and preferably fried. examples of such foods r as follows


and finally as if it werent obvious on the "propers" of gaming food edibility, let me share a personal favorite that keeps my raging fuel tank satiated for a while. this particular food is the best as far as im concerned and i would recommend stock piling ur cabinets with it at once, as its now starting to get cold out. a quick fix to ur "what am i gonna eat not that ive gotten 6,000,000 headshots in a row" gamerthons,


 maru freakin chan noodles. go to ur local walfart stores and grab as many bags or containers of this product as u can in all flavors....

this concludes this part of an ongoing series dedicated to the fueling of gamers who r awesome at being awesome. tune in next time when we will go over the many flavors of "proper" taunting as u make a kill. the what to say and what not to say guide to Proper Game Taunts.