ok so ive been reading on this game, ive been keeping and eye on it since last year, its here now and i been seeing it in action. now i luv FF anything, even the garbage anime Final Fantasy Unlimited(if u have never seen it, dont), but this game sank well below my expectations for it. i mean it had all the right formulas in place to show off sumthing the fan boys would cream over for generations to come, but, to me it was on the wrong platform. the psp is awesome, but not capable of handling a title of that caliber. consider this, we all have seen the dev video for Final Fantasy 7 on the PS3, so we know what it could do if giving the shot, so why not bring such a title as this to the PS3 which is far more capable of giving gamers an orgasm off the sheer power behind the game and its gameplay? can u imagine playing a fully utilized FFD on the PS3, can u imagine all the more content that could have been available, can u imagine if FFD turned into an actual rpg like the upcoming FF entries? complete with a story worthy of an emmy, multiple character for u to select and play as through the entire game, different bosses for each and on massively final fight for it all!!!! (exhales), im sorry but this stuff gets me worked up lol. i just wish SquareEnix would give its fans what they wanna see instead of going around it. ugh, anyway the game is still a classic in my eyes. who else thinks so?