It pains me to say it – my fatefully short-lived internship at Game Informer magazine will come to an end in two weeks.  My time served here has been nothing short of glorious, and I must extend a hand of gratitude to all of my colleagues, readers, commenters, and supporters who have made this childhood dream of mine a tangible reality. Thank you.

That said, it’s not quite over yet! I still have a fortnight to research, write, and edit, as I continue to do work that really doesn’t feel like work at all. I’m confident that the experience I’ve gained here will inevitably aid me in my future career endeavors, whatever they may be.

In many ways, the sense of comfort and familiarity that has accompanied the second half of my internship tenure surpasses the sheer excitement of the first. Now that I’ve come to stand on conversant ground with the editors and other staff around the office, I feel almost at home. My office – a strange and somewhat empty place when I arrived – is now scattered with ink-filled notebooks and the memories of creative meetings and productive evenings. Brian – I would share a corner with you again without hesitation.

One perk of getting to know the GI staff, and vice versa, is that we, the interns, were recently entrusted with video features. Liz and I recently discussed Pokémon X&Y with Joe, and Brian will play Dark Souls with Tim next week. Brian – I am overjoyed to see your dreams finally come true.

Most of all, though, it’s been a pleasure just getting to know the editors. I’ve rarely come across the degree of passion, skill, and overall competence that I have here at Game Informer. There can be no doubt that I am a better journalist for my time spent here this summer.

To those out there who would be rallied by my experiences to follow your own dreams, I say, “Please do. Nothing is more imperative.”

Thanks again. I look forward to being a continued part of the GI community, even when I have departed this station.

p.s. Liz – you deserve my personal thanks for putting up with my incessant singing of the Pokémon theme song during car rides. I owe you one.