Soooo... as we all know, there's a new Spiderman game coming. And, to be honest, it looks good. Most Spiderman games have been decent, if nothing else. But wow, so this makes how many appearances on home consoles for our favorite web-slinger? And if it's not Spidey being featured in a game, you know who the other option is. Yes, the Dark Knight. Old Bats himself.


What the hell happened to the rest of the Marvel and DC universe? Not to mention Dark Horse, Image Comics, and many, many others. Would I be the first person to say that games featuring superheroes have grown stale and formulaic? Besides the annoying reality that the same two heroes keep getting recycled, here's another question I have: Who says we need games about heroes? Supervillains make for some of the most compelling stories ever put to ink.

Imagine playing as Carnage or Venom, instead of our familiar web-slinging spider dude. Imagine playing as Apokolips or Darkseid? I would love to run through a game wreaking havoc with my Omega Beams. And before you respond, yes... I know. I know what you're going to say. The video game industry has a strong aversion to anything risky. These games have no chance of getting made right? Well, screw it. I'm gonna dream a lil' dream, anyway.

So with further ado, here is my list of heroes and villains worthy of their own games.

Booster Gold



Booster Gold is one of those characters who has a really interesting backstory, but has never been used outside of the pages of comics. There were rumors of a Booster Gold movie in the works, but I doubt that will happen. DC would rather serve up some other steaming piece of cow dung like it did Suicide Squad. This one is a suuuuper long shot, but hey why not?





So let me get this straight. We can have an endless assortment of games about a guy who has special senses that alert him to danger. A man who has superhuman speed and agility, and loves to parkour his way across the city skyline, and we're not talking about Daredevil? How is it that we haven't had a decent Daredevil game yet? Not only is "The Man Without Fear" one of the most bada** heroes in the marvel universe, he's also one of the most interesting.

Even the villains who try to snuff him out make for some exciting action. And on current gen consoles? This would look sooooo good. Imagine fighting Kingpin, with thick, meaty sounding blows being exchanged. Imagine taking on Bullseye and trying to get hits in while dodging his attacks. We need this!





Older consoles could not have done Carnage justice. But now? Oh yeah, baby. For those of you that don't know, Carnage is an alien symbiote who can form a variety of sharp and blunt weapons with his body, much like the T-1000 from the Terminator films. Carnage is just plain old crazy, and about as bad as it gets. But, I still think it'd be possible to craft a story that allowed him to be the protagonist. Maybe a story where he is double-crossed by other Marvel villains in a plot gone wrong, and Carnage is bent on exacting revenge. I would snatch this up in a heart beat.



Ms. Marvel



Ain't it funny that in a time where female empowerment is really coming of age, Marvel still has not developed one of the most powerful heroes in it's roster? Not only have we not heard a single peep about the proposed movie that was supposed to be in the planning phases, but she's also never made a major appearance in the world of video games. What? Because people wouldn't buy it? Pssssshhh. There are a lot of people out there who love female characters that can apply some super-powered beat downs.

The most powerful female character Marvel has brought to movies or games was Jean Grey as "The Phoenix", and then they promptly killed her. What's up with that?





The last time I recall Spawn appearing in video games, it was on PS2. And I don't know anyone who had, or played the game. But for anyone who's read the comics, you KNOW what Spawn can do. His cape alone is an incredible death-dealing instrument, that can be used in endless ways. Not to mention that the Spawn comics featured some of the very best villains...EVER!


Dark Phoenix (Jean Grey)



Do you like games that make you feel powerful? I do. And I can't think of a character more fun to manipulate than the Dark Phoenix. If you go to Marvel's website and look at her power ratings, you'll notice she's right up there with Magneto, Thanos, Apokolips, Silver Surfer. Basically, she is easily one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe. No joke. Would you like to play as a chracter with nearly godlike psionic powers, and the ability to turn just about anything into toast? Yes? Good, me too.


Cyborg Superman



Here's an idea. Since it seems to be so hard to make a decent game featuring The Man of Steel, how about a game about a villain who pretends to be him? Ahhhhh, now that sounds much more fun doesn't it? Imagine having encounters with the Eradicator, or old Supes himself? They always say it's more fun to be bad. Maybe this would be the game that would get people interested in Superman again.